POLL: Best of 2014 Freemium Characters

We would like to see how many of you were able to unlock any of the three freemium characters from the Best of 2014 promotion! It will show us whether this was successful for freemium players:


4 thoughts on “POLL: Best of 2014 Freemium Characters”

  1. I was kinda hoping this week would be a Best of 2014… Redux! Event or something. Kindle already has the Valentines Game Icon. My chance of ever getting the 4 scary guys drops one ping lower. Oh well. 🙂

    Got ALL of the stuff from this event and love it to death. Comic-Con celebs were a MAJOR desire of mine. 🙂


  2. Going into year two of this game I hope TinyCo allows newer players the opportunity to earn some of the characters or costumes that they missed in year one. Not Buy…Earn. Although I did buy a bunch of the costumes in the mystery boxes and earned King Butt, I hope there will be future chances to get Sexy Stewie, Kool-aid, Jasper, The Smiths, etc. It appears so far the TinyCo is only re-releasing characters/costumes for Clams. The exception being the three characters listed in this survey (Butt, Weed, Takei). I was glad to see the return of King Butt available to earn, as I missed that event entirely, but would love to see more characters return like that. I would be nice if the Valentines Day event has a return of Sexy Stewie, so that new players can earn him freemium style, instead of having to fork over Clams to get him. I am getting tired of trying to earn a character/costume, missing out on it, and then the next time seeing it available for Clams only or never seeing it again.


  3. hello! I share the sentiments of others about this event. I’m a freemium player. I disagree with a lot of the attitude I’ve seen on the forums.. everyone has been complaining that they didn’t get all of the characters.. lol. It’s supposed to be hard.. if everyone won everytime it wouldnt be a worthwhile game. I was fortunate though I was able to get mr weed during Halloween (I feel like he was easy to get in that event). I was able to get King butt.. I had never heard of him in the game so I was excited about him. I played during the comic con event but those challenges were really hard (I was also trying to progress in the game which may have been why it was so difficult). during this event I was one ankos away from getting him so I’m annoyed but felt it was fair. However I got a friend hooked on the game too but she’s only been playing a month. She was more dedicated to the event than me.. she had her alarm set to wake up at 3am to collect and put back to work. She didn’t get any character. I think that really isn’t fair.. she just wasn’t far enough in the game to have enough characters to succeed. She shouldn’t have been able to see the event if there was 0 chance to win anything. That’s poor game development. The odds should be harder for long term players. Make them work equally as hard as new players.


    1. By he I meant George Takei* in the comic con event. Sorry! I know some people feel entitled that the linger they play the easier the limited time events should be but I feel completely opposite. In any game the challenges should get more difficult the longer you play. I am curious of how the odds work though. Like is it a gurantee to get a certain item after so many tries (3 tries and you get a teddy?) Or is it a 33% chance meaning someone with bad luck would literally not ever get a teddy bear since there’s only a 33% possibility?


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