Trivia Tuesday with Insticator!

Bonjour!! A belated Trivia Tuesday this time as due to personal issues, I had to miss last weeks trivia, the usual rules apply so…enjoy 🙂

Click the links below to be redirected to the questions at Insticator!

Diane made a student film, what was it called?

When Seamus applied for the job of Church Organist, what song did he play?

When Peter wanted to keep Gumble 2 Gumble: Beach Justice on the air, what disease did he tell everyone Chris has?

When Zinedine Zidane gave an old lady a Zinedine Zidane-agram, what number was the player wearing on his shirt and shorts?

Which episode did Stewie kill the Vaudevillian singers?

What number was Tom Brady wearing when the New England Patriots played the London Silly Nannies?

In the UK, there have been twelve seasons shown on TV, in those first twelve seasons, how many episodes are there in total?

When Superstore USA takes over all the power in Quahog, the Electric Company sings a song about bringing the power…how many people were featured in the Electric Company?

How many in the Griffin household has Meg kissed on the lips and who are they?


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