What REALLY Grinds Your Gears?

Welcome to our – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ post – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!


Lots of events and content updates have been bombarding us all lately, so there must be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point!

We are nearing the end of the Best of 2014 event, has there been anything in particular that has almost made you tap that uninstall button?!


We would really like to hear what was grinding your gears – is it the rate of a particular item? Is jt because you need more time? Is it because you don’t get the questlines after unlocking an old character? Have you already collected every character and costume so you have had nothing to do? Whatever it is, we would love to hear what has been grinding your gears in the last week!


48 thoughts on “What REALLY Grinds Your Gears?”

  1. Drop rates are always an issue. And we really needed more time to unlock the characters, especially for people who had to unlock all three of them. Or if they are going to have short events they need to make the items more common


  2. I Didn’t get King Butt, I was two ghosts short, only two freemium characters dropping ghosts (or flutes) at horrible rates, one premium I didn’t buy (450 clams, no thanks) and the constant Crashing.

    I hereby rename the game to Family Guy: The Crash for Stuff.

    I’ve tried a little trick to avoid re-doing everything once the game crashes, I assign tasks, I collect rents and then click on the Multiverse button which (I believe) acts like a savepoint, then go back, continue some more and if the game crashes (which it eventually will) I can start again and continue from where I “saved”. Hope it helps. Also constantly thinking about uninstalling since it’s becoming less funny with these crashes…

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    1. I’ve also started clicking on the multiverse button. I Make sure I do this everytime before i leave the game because lately if I assign everyone and then exit the game, when I log back on 2 or 3 of the last characters I assigned aren’t doing anything.


  3. So…

    1, King Butt.
    I finally unlocked him, and I was shocked when I saw that he has only 4, FOUR actions. And as I see, he is useless.
    My friend unlocked him at the Full Moon event, and he said to me, that this character never drops a quest item. So… Maaan, are u serious?!

    2, Crash & Inventory
    Most of you mentioned the crashes. My game does it always too.
    But I play this game till 2014. march, and I have many many of items. In the inventory, I need 10 minutes to find something. Who is that stupid dev, who thinks, that putting the “newest”, event related item to the end of the inventory is a good idea. I just scrolling and scrolling… and scrolling. And then: CRASH! I can start again… and crash again… It is a good thing that the chars, buildings, decos are on a separate page, but so do all the past events. They are messed up, and this is why I need to search for a long time. This really annoys me.

    3, Characters
    I have 60 characters. Nearly got all of them. But i use only 20 (and I’m very gentle). The rest of them is useless. Again. I hate Vinny, Ron Perlman, Tom Tucker, Kool-Aid Man, the Brain Damaged Horse. Most of the uselass chars, I send to a one day action. But you can’t send them to a 1 day.

    4, Coins
    Coins are useless. I have more than 6 MILLION! I can’t spend it. When new area comes to unlock, I spend most of my money, but after a month… I have the same amount again.

    5, And finally PAWTUCKET PAT!
    How i hate him already…
    He needs
    – 25 uncummon Beercan hats (and only 3 character drop it, after a 12 hour task. Guess what: Peter is one of them!)
    – 15 EXTRA RARE (!) Chumbawaba Flute. Is this serius? I cant believe this. I have only 2 of them…

    At this moment, I’m a bit disappointed…

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  4. What’s with the drop rates lately? I’ve been working on Pawtucket Pat forever now, have cleared Stewie’s 20 chumbas, and STILL don’t have all the flutes! Seriously?


  5. What grinds my gear about this last event is that the people that had it the easiest are the ones that likely didn’t need it while those that did were out on their butts either hoping that they’d get one of the drops they needed or spending money to get items that allowed them to get all three. I only managed to get two of the three, but the one that I wanted the most, George Takei, was just out of my reaches. I spent the very last of my clams trying to get the last bear I needed to no avail. It should not have been weighed so heavily towards those that didn’t need them.


  6. Definitely enjoy my game and events, but TOTALLY agree with others here- the Best of 2014 Event was impossible! Started for King Butt then wanted George Takei so put everyone to the tasks, mostly focusing on Georges needs. I got Nathan Fillion and Stan Lee in on the effort literally constantly – BUT the DROPS!! Did everything I could and yet again I didn’t them. It would’ve been cool to at least have the option of using clams for the remaining missing item…
    Would also love a chance to get the Smith House since I have the whole American Dad family but some of their actions require the house.


  7. Crashing. Crashing. Craaaaaaashing! Literally…. every minute…. it’s really starting to grind my gears, and it suck because I planned on doing some premium action once they introduce star wars, but I’m not wasting a dime on this game until I can play comfortably without having to restart and find that I have to reassign tasks etc. I know people say, uninstall and reinstall and play through Chris blah blah-not the gamers job! Fix the issue our don’t get paid. End of rant. Now please fix this because I love the game, and I want to spend real money eventually. Spanks!

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  8. I have been playing this game for about a year. I’ve spent a fortune on characters and more time than I care to admit on the game. I would not uninstall for two reasons. I really enjoy it and I’ve invested a lot of time on it.

    I have two gripes:

    1. Never seems to be enough space for all buildings and decos.

    2. I understand the best of 2014 was a good chance for newer players to get characters that were previously unavailable, but it would be nice to offer something to your longer term players as well. I felt quite excluded from event and have pretty much completed the “Who’s Ever Heard of Hopsberry” quest so the game has gotten been a bit slow for me lately.

    I’m looking forward to the Valentines event. I hope it involves unlocking more land

    Thank you


    1. The 2014 event was far more an opportunity for longer term players. They were able to pick up the one or two characters or costumes they missed. It was useless for newer players – you really think new players would want to spend more than £100 in one go?


  9. What grinds my gears is that King Butt and Mr Weed were impossible due to lack of time and drop rates. The only way to add friends is via Facebook so I have four and only two are active. You don’t get much from friends either. Parts of events that are unachievable unless you don’t have a life or a job (the yeti in the Xmas event for example).

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  10. There never seems to be enough space. My town is cluttered and squashed I have no room for anymore buildings or decos.

    I didn’t get a mystery box because I had all characters. There were some characters I wasn’t able to get like kool aid guy, sexy party Stewie and the Christmas characters, but none of them were offered. Would be nice if the mystery box had something for long term players.


  11. The drop rates are so bad sometimes. I don’t understand why every drops for limited characters has to be extra rare or epic in a way. We don’t spend all day on our games for these drops and even then, drops never come half the time. This makes me feel like freemiums are just treated horribly for not paying up for getting them sooner. I hate to admit, but I think TinyCo is pressing all their customers for money for their limited content all the time that we can earn by hard work by making them impossible to achieve.

    Sadly, I didn’t get King Butt in time so I had to say goodbye to him. Next time i’ll see him is on sale for clams. I’ve been on the phone at any opportunity trying to unlock him since day 1 and I only needed 2 ghosts to get him before the event ended. Why? Because only TWO freemium characters had tasks to drop them and they were extra rare. They never dropped 7/10 times I checked for them. I’m seriously disappointed at them for not giving us three freemium characters to drop this. Would’ve had him by now if that happened. But I don’t. Thanks TinyCo. If this keeps up, i’m uninstalling the game and retiring as a comment moderator. Let’s hope the Valentine Event goes better than this.

    Rant over.



  12. Ok this is it for me , farewell stupid money hungry app ” free to play” seeing there is only half an hour to collect for king butt and george , I needed 2 ghosts still! So i used clams to rush bonnie and she dropped 2 in a row! Where i could not even get 1 a day with her and Jerome both at it 4 times a day each.. Conclusion? Screw you freemiums!

    I will not get george since I need two teddies and three chairs.. With no time left and no clams.. Lol fornicate under the concent of the king them all !


  13. CONSTANT CRASHING!!! Every time I play, the game crashes at least once or twice. EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! Then i have to backtrack and reassign characters, or backtrack and recollect. It’s gotten to the point I don’t check the game any more. I don’t want to play it cause it CRASHES CONSTANTLY. This is a 5 starr game that I have had to downgrade to 4, 3 and now 2 stars. Was crashing before Christmas Event, got worse during Christmas event and got a little better after Christmas event. BUT COME ON! Every time I play, the game shouldn’t crash!


  14. What grinds mine is the dual character unlock for newer players event with retarded extra rare drops for both!

    I am sitting with 2 ghost missing , 4 chairs and 3 teddies… I have 4 character collecting teddies sonce day 1 , 2 for ghosts.. Dafuq tiny co? Also those chairs are lame as hell with their drops…

    What time is 3 pm anyways! What time zone you crazy bafoons? I’m in Atlantic time zone , where is their HQ? Pacific?

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  15. I wish they had something for the loyal players in the mystery boxes. Seems like they are looking out for all the new players to catch up but nothing for the old ones.
    Just my opinion

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    1. I agree with Jay I didn’t even get a mystery box cause I had all of those characters. Didn’t have any Christmas characters it would be nice if I could join in to get one of those.


    2. I agree I didn’t even get a mystery box. There were some characters I didn’t get in 2014, but none of them were offered. It would have been nice if there was something new for some of the long term players too.


  16. Somehow I had Stan Lee and Ron Perlman in my inventory after I didn’t unlock them because I stopped playing during the Comic Con event. I was able to place Stan Lee during the Christmas event, but had to use clams to unlock some items and candy canes for others. A couple days before the “Best of 2014” event I could place Ron Perlman with the same issue of being able to collect stuff but didn’t have enough clams to fully unlock either.

    What really grinds my gears is that I spent time trying to unlock stuff for both characters and then they both popped up free for me when their boxes showed up. I’m definitely grateful for the free characters, but I couldn’t spent time towards unlocking other characters and saving stuff like candy canes for other things.


  17. Grinds my Gears that Jesus has dropped 1 clam since I earned him in December. I put him on his 24 hour “water into clams” task every day. The least you can do is give me more that one clam in 40+ attempts.


    1. Same here. He did drop once but once in like 25 times? Thats not “Rare” thats “Super Mega Epically Rare!” Ah-well at least he has a purpose, unlike so many of the others we have collected.


  18. Went nuts opening the mystery boxes trying to get characters I didn’t have (don’t really care for the costumes). Since I started during the American Dad event in November, everything included in the mystery boxes are things I don’t have. In the end, I got 5 costumes and 1 character (Stan Lee).

    I also bought Nathan Fillion thinking he’d drop things needed for the event every 2 hours. Sadly it was 4 hours and my dreams of getting King Butt are just that; sad sad dreams.

    If I was paying attention, I would’ve kept my precious clams and just did the best I could. Oh well 😦


  19. The lack of space in the game is definitely grinding my gears. I have played as a premium player since the game came out, and I have over a hundred items in inventory just because I have nowhere to put them. The whole damn game is about collecting stuff, how about TinyCo giving me the room to place all of it?
    Robo-Joe is the only thing I didn’t already have, so I can’t comment on the ankh/teddybear/whatever drop issues. I didn’t even know that event was going on until I came to this forum.

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  20. That I’ve been attached to my phone since the start of this king butt/george/mr weed event – and I STILL don’t have a single teddy!
    And only 11 ankhs! This is insane! Unless there is a miracle I will have 0 characters at 3pm tomorrow.

    A big mega pile of pants event. A big waste of my time.

    That’s what grinds my gears!


  21. Not getting ron perlman on a free. He was a freemium character. … why make us pay this time around? Most of us joined late and missed the comic con event. Really unfair tbh.


    1. ^This, so this! I know I could do the smart thing and stick an unused character into my inventory until they’re needed, but where is the fun in that? I worked for those characters, I want to see them when I check in, even if they’re doing something I’ve seen a million times.


  22. The best of 2014 event eas fine for me considering I only had 1 character to unlock but the brewing for district items is still grinding my gears. Too many bottles and bubbles are needed for too many items and they don’t drop frequently enough. Sometimes I can only get 1 or 2 bubbles a day but need 15 to craft 1 item so you can imagine how long it takes to craft certain items.
    Also with the valentines day event coming soon PLEEEEEEEEASE could we have more space? If we don’t that will definitely grind my gears.


    1. See, this is the damned if you do, damned if you don’t on the Devs part. If the crafting was too easy, everyone would complain that they were out of things to do…I LOVE how long those items are taking personally. The only quest I have on my plate is unlocking Pat and beyond that the only thing I have to focus on are those crafting items. It is all a matter of perspective, I suppose.


      1. I kind of agree with you. I don’t mind collecting a lot of materials either but it’s annoying how the common items come from 1 hour tasks and 12 hour tasks drop extra rares. This inconsistency makes easy items easier and harder items harder to get. Understand what I’m saying? But like you said it’s about perspective.


      2. I gotta agree that the game has to keep you engaged and the slow unlock of Pawtucket Pat is about right. Where the failure comes is with the “timers -v- drop rates” ratio. This time around I refused to buy clams because the crashing has not been addressed and I can see that some of these are set so that you would have to at least rush a lot of actions just to get enough of the items.
        People are starting to feel cheated AND with all the cash they are getting Tinyco still has failed to fix the constant crashing.

        No Clams Until No Crash!

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  23. Making items epic or extra rare with really short events. I won’t be getting King Butt because, even with continuous play, I’ve only collected 2 sonic screwdrivers. They really need to sort drop rates out.


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