Tell RyPod #1

Hey hey to all you lovely gamers out there!!

Here’s the deal…we’re all waiting for this update, we’ve been waiting a while…so I’m posting this blog to get this community talking, we have an awesome community and we Mods love you all (giggety)

SO to pass the time till the update comes, this is the first in a possible series of Tell RyPod posts!! (I’d have called it Tell Ryan but hardly anyone knows I’m called Ryan lol)

So…tell RyPod…who’s your favourite Family Guy character…and why?

This is for EVERYONE…mods included so Holly, Zooey, Justin and the rest of you sexy moderators, get your replies in 😀


Where’s the update?

I have been awake all night waiting for the Fine Arts District to arrive!

It is 6.45am here in the UK, so this is just a warning that I may fall asleep but I would be VERY annoyed if I did, after staying awake this long after an early morning!

Can we just take a moment…..

OK so it’s not our usual post but the acting world lost a legend today. The cult fandom world lost a friend and the universe gained a star.

RIP Leonard Nimoy.


RyPod Post: Film-ily Guy #6

Good morrow, my amazing followers!! Slightly belated but never negated, it’s our regular series of posts in which you guys choose who would play certain characters in a real life movie.

Last week, we asked you who would play Bonnie Swanson in the movie and after careful consideration, we chose Maggie Gyllenhaal as Bonnie, she’s cute, spunky, can be sexy (as seen in Secretary) or just plain bad-ass!!

So far we have…

Zach Galifianakis as Peter

Julianne Moore as Lois

Patrick Warburton as Joe

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Bonnie

So who’s next? Quagmire? Who’s pervy but funny enough to portray the Griffin’s sexually deviant neighbour? This is a tough one, but I’m throwing a name out, Jason Bateman (from Identity Thief) could possibly portray him, maybe even Mark Wahlberg. Do you know anyone better? Let me know in the comment box below!!

All comments will be replied to, all answers considered, there’s no right or wrong answers, I want to hear your thoughts!!

Take it easy!!


New District: Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

We have a little snippet, a peek, a teaser, a hint, a….. Well you get the point! Who is this?????

Fine Arts District coming sooooooon……. (With a bit more of that land you so desire!)

UPDATE from TinyCo via Facebook:


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Ask TinyCo: Valentines Event Edition!

UPDATE: Valentines Event ends at 3PM

So this is something new we are introducing. It will run once a month on a post much like this one!

You will have the opportunity to pose a question to a TinyCo team member based on the event that is taking place at the time!

A TinyCo Team Member will be available to answer your questions in the comments section tomorrow, Wednesday, at 2PM PST, so make sure you get your questions in!

But there are some rules…..

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What REALLY Grinds Your Gears?

Welcome to our – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ post – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!


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Casaroja Movie Theater Hate Dates

Here is the HATE Date List for Casaroja Movie Theater as players have requested a hate date list so they can collect HATE hearts as they require less hearts! This is a good idea as you can win the LOVE prizes, including Hot Meg, and any other prizes you haven’t won from the Homemade Valentine’s Mystery Box!
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Competition: Win an Intimate Apparel Peter or Clams!

We think it is about time to giveaway another KidRobot Intimate Apparel Peter! (Residents outside of the UK will win £10/$10/€10 as replacement).


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Valentine’s Walkthrough: Pride and Benedict

Benedict Cumberbatch questline – you will be prompted and will have a task left on your taskbar that asks you to spend Clams on the M-otter-cycle!


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