Vol.3 Mystery Box – Third times a charm?

So we had an update yesterday. We also had one Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday….. I’m getting old). Now there is another?! What could be in this one?!

Mutant Stewie – Comic Con

Ron Perlman – Comic Con


Captain Hammered Peter – Comic Con


Red Hot Lois – Comic Con

Rollo Cop Joe – Comic Con

Bikini Peter – 4th of July

Pink Brian – Pre – Halloween special

Stripper Bonnie – End of Comic Con / after it finished 😉

All of these have been free in the game at the points mentioned above but if you didn’t manage to get them in time / couldn’t be bothered to unlock / didn’t play then / couldn’t play then (delete as appropriate) then now if your allegedly last chance!

Do you need any of these guys? I thankfully am saved from the nagging part of my brain telling me to spend clams, as I already have all these already! *****Fist Pump*****

Let us know where you will be dropping those clams! Or if you didn’t have them all where would you drop the clams if you HAD to pick one?!

Mine would be Pink Brian. Because he is a pink dog. What’s cooler than that?!


11 thoughts on “Vol.3 Mystery Box – Third times a charm?”

  1. Kept getting a message about mystery boxes. Went in game and they were never there. I figured I needed an update, but that wasn’t it. Come to find out I own them all already (as in mystery box 1, 2, and 3). Wood for freemium! ^_^

    All I lack is King Butt so far and all I need for him is 1 more sonic screwdriver. Kinda hoping they come out with B. Brian before it’s over because I I lucked out on him because of a game goof up.

    Anybody know why some actions have movie boards beside them?


    1. The movie boards mean actions that are considered “outside” actions — not taking place inside a building. Good for two reasons — (1) people who want to see their characters active in their Quahogs or (2) people who want as many characters inside as possible to maintain stability in the game. I am a No. 2 person. Has cut down drastically on crashes with roaming characters (chumba wumbas, joggers, etc.) in play.


      1. I’m a number 2 person myself. And I’ve completely given up on decorating my town or adding lots of roads. I had a whole layout planned, but with decorations increasing the chance of a crash and an actual road system makes it hard to attack those limited time annoying whatever it is this week things, I gave in to the chaos.

        I thought that about the clapboards too until I noticed several outside actions without markers and a couple inside ones with them. Maybe they just mislabeled a few?


    1. You only get the ones you don’t already have. Once you have all the ones in the group the mystery box disappears. I never even saw one of the mystery boxes because I already had everything in it.


  2. Honestly I’m getting a little pissed at this sudden mass release of old content. I really love this game and wanted to get the past characters and stuff I missed at some point but this is insane. I can budget $20 a month for clams. Maybe $40 if I push it and really want something. But this sudden max influx of all the old stuff is too much at one time… They really should have spread it out some. Way to many clams to catch up on all the characters and costumes ( and no way to pick… One mystery box should have been just characters and one just costumes). Just sad that once again a lot of us will miss out just because the cost is to high in a lump like this…..


    1. Pretty sure what needs to be focused on here is that this is a SECOND CHANCE. They did NOT have to do so at all. It is not a guarantee to get these things too.

      I have dropped a LOT of clams in the last few days. Especially after having taken advantage of that New Year clam sale. If I had been playing throughout the year, I wouldn’t be dropping clams now. That I can to get costumes and chatacters that most consider next to worthless, but that I am ecstatically elated about since I go hardcore after both. I don’t like incomplete sets and “missing” Facespace images.

      As far as the mix of things in the boxes instead of JUST chatacters or JUST clams, it most likely would have changed the Clam cost drastically.

      On a business standpoint it makes sense too. If you ONLY wanted chatacters for example, you’d only buy from one box. The mix “forces” you to buy from each box. And, for those that only want one or two pulls per box, it gives a rewarding sense of chance as well. Especially if going after a specific costume or character.

      On a direct financial sense, with how TinyCo does the Events they do, I tend to a soft limit myself to $50 set aside to this each month. If something “special” happens like this event, I push it higher.

      For how much I play the game (in-home worker here…), the money I spend on it is justified to me. I’d rather do this than go get drunk or waste money that I don-t get something for long-term. It’s all just pixels, but they are MY pixels and I take pride in them. That pride and joy is what I thrive on.

      ALL that said, I think this “Flashback Event” has been amazing. That the decos and buildings have all been Freemium is a good thing too. I bought a minimum of about 5 of each deco. Way cool ones. 🙂

      My one gear grinder is WHY is Rollo-Cop Joe in Volume 2 AND 3??? WHY NOT Sexy Stewie, Bitch Brian or Bitch Stewie, ofhe 4 Halloween Horror characters? Or like anything from the American Dad or Christmas Events? Anybody smell a possible FOURTH BOX coming?


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