Best of 2014: How do I unlock Mr. Weed

Did you miss the chance to unlock the dead boss, Mr. Weed… Now you have a second chance, and here is how to do it:

To get a second chance at unlocking Mr. Weed, purchase his Ghostly Coffin from the shop (for 1,000 coins). Once built, you will have until February 3rd to collect the following items:

14 Machetes (uncommon)

  • Make Seamus Visit Siblings
  • Make Meg Shave Facial Stubble
  • image

    3 Sonic Screwdriver (epic)

  • Make Stripper Bonnie Teaserama
  • Make Blobulous Chris Break Scale
  • Make Peter & Quagmire Have Nap Time (6 hours)

  • Make Dr. Hartman Prepare for an Exam (6 hours)

  • Make Patrick Stewart Be a Thespian (4 hours)

  • Make Iron Baby Stewie Test Armor Systems (4 hours)

  • Make Mutant Stewie Show Rupert New Tentacles (6 hours)

  • Make Ron Perlman Practice Fighting Large Monsters (4 hours)

  • Make Captain Hammered Peter Fly Under the Influence (4 hours)

  • Make Red Hot Lois Swim in Geek Trash (6 hours)

  • Make Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza (4 hours)

  • Make Blobulous Chris Train in Gorging (8 hours)

  • Make Alien Chase Tail (6 hours)

  • image

    6 Teddy Bears (extra rare)

  • Make Brian Brag About His Writing
  • Make Tricia Report On-Scene
  • Make Vampire Duck Stewie Wear Costume to School
  • Make Pee Pants Peter Wet Himself
  • Make Sexy Witch Connie Go To Halloween Dance
  • Make Rollo Cop Joe Engage Battle Mode
  • Make Stan Lee Practice Peter Parkour
  • Make Felicia Day Play Freeze Tag
  • Make Multiplier Quagmire Have Tbreesome witb Self
  • Make Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny
  • Make Pink Brian Pretty in Pink
  • If you unlock him by February 3rd (~3pm PST), he is yours to keep forever. If you do not unlock him before this time, he will disappear.  


    20 thoughts on “Best of 2014: How do I unlock Mr. Weed”

    1. I missed out on Mr Weed again, I only just missed out on him the first time too. I had everything except a couple of machetes, it’s really annoying that they only had two characters able to collect the 14 machetes needed, it really wasn’t enough!


    2. I was doing ok with this til last night when my teddy bears and a couple of machetes disappeared. No idea why and now I’m gonna miss out on getting him. 😦


    3. I finally got Mr. Weed and the box for having all 3 ghost characters popped up for the 50 clams and no clams have been added to my game. 😦


    4. I got diane and Francis during the halloween event and Mr weed a few minutes ago but I didn’t get my reward and they went into the new characters section! Is anyone else experiencing this?


    5. Have only gotten 2 machetes since they brought Mr weed back and 0 bears . Playing everyday why are things extra rare uncommon with such a small window of time to get them


    6. I unlocked Mr Weed, and therefore collected Diane/Francis/Mr Weed and it said you got 50 clams for unlocking all three – didn’t get my clams. anyone else have/having this issue?


    7. Just unlocked Mr. Weed but didn’t get the 50 clams for the “Tortured Souls” collection with him, Diane and Francis. The group doesn’t show up as a collection in FaceSpace either, nor does the Comic Con set (Cranston, Fillion and Takei, who I am one bear from unlocking.) Any ideas why?


    8. I reckon I’ll just about manage to get two of the three characters. I only have 29 Ankh’s and cannot see me getting them all by Tues. Oh well it’s only King Butt


      1. Not sure who you have working at the tasks but I was concerned too and then I collected 25 ankhs in 29 hours to finish it off. Had everyone who could working solely on ankhs because I had fallen behind — or so I thought. Ghosts are the toughie because it is only Bonnie and Jerome (for me — no Cranston). But I expect I will get the last one needed before Tuesday at 3 PT.


    9. Hey.. don’t know where to post this.. maybe we should make a just happened section or something. But I put the countdown tower in my inventory, and took it back out, and it is not collecting all of the drop items again.. I wonder what will happen? lol


        1. I collected 10 clams this morning and started the process again. Got slowed up on the party hats because I had Chris, Quagmire and Peter working toward King Butt but they are back at it in force. It’s a nice distraction between events. Wonder when it will stop dropping ….


    10. I can’t purchase Mr.Weed. When I go to purchase him, the app closes. I’m very disappointed and hope this can be fixed before I lose my second chance to get him. He’s the only second chance character that I’m interested in. Is anyone else having problems purchasing him?


    11. I think you may have missed something for the machetes. It just sort of trails of after “Make Meg”. I don’t need to unlock Mr Weed, but i can’t imagine a task to collect machetes that doesn’t involve Jason choosing a weapon.


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