Drop rates increased!

TinyCo has made it easier to collect for King Butt and George Takei!



26 thoughts on “Drop rates increased!”

  1. At least most were able to attempt to unlock George Takei & King Butt. For some reason, after getting the phone booth to unlock George, about a day later, it disappeared, but I was still able to gather the items for the unlock. Yet, when I had enough items, I had no way to turn them in, so I missed getting him…


  2. Increased drop rate that’s funny! Been hammering away at king but since event started. Only character I’m after and I still need three ghost with only a few hours remaining. Sure whatever you say.:(


  3. I’ve been grinding away on King Butt for days now, checking in every 4 hours for the past 72 hours. I’ve gotten 1 ghost from Bonnie nothing from Jerome in that time. Where is my increased drop rate??? Hell, I’d buy ghosts at this point, but you can’t!!! This is one of those things that waste your time and provide no reward and make you uninstall the game. I couldn’t get him the first time around either because of the sucky drop rates. 1 drop out of 30 attempts is NOT AN INCREASE!


  4. Drop rate sucks. Trying to unlock 3 characters before the deadline is highly impossible. Checking back often and only receiving 1 item when 4 characters are doing a job. This is very frustrating.


  5. Yea Im not so sure i believe any rates have gone up at all.Ive been gettin on very frequently and barely have 20 Ahnks. for something i need 60+ of that seems a bit low. and an uncommon drop rate. out of all the tasks i can assign (I dont have like 3-4 of the characters) I get 2 at most per collection. Somehow Since at least American Dad Event I have been gettin Epics faster than any other items, which doesnt make sense to me. I really wanted King Butt, but I want Takei so much more. I feel like I am going to be makin a choice between them if the Ahnks dont pick up.


  6. Ahnks are my only problem now needing 42 but with 52 hours left, I doubt I’ll be able to unlock all three; maybe just George Takei and Mr. Weed. I only have Lois, Chris, Cleveland, and Nathan who are able to get Aknks for me. If they drop every single time and if I check my game right when they finish, I’d only get 37 Ahnks. The drop rate for them is definitely bad for me as Lois, Chris, and Cleveland who finish at the same time, would sometimes not drop. Oh well :/


  7. Drop rates increased???? Pull the other one! I’m ignoring quests and everything else in the game. Started with weed, king butt and george takei at the very start…playing continuously (and using clams)

    Have 0 teddys and only 9 ankhs! Not a great amount of the other stuff either.

    So at this rate I won’t even manage to get 1 of the 3 characters. Very frustrating and I’m very close to quitting the game because of it – certainly isn’t fun if there is no reward. Drop rate is utterly pathetic! Certainly doesn’t seem increased!


  8. This is a bunch of crap. The drop rate has not increased. Checking the game every 2 hours. The past 2 days, I have only received 1 screwdriver and no ghost. At this rate, I will not unlock King Butt before the deadline. The teddy bears aren’t dropping either. I have only received 1 of them since Mr. Weed became available.


  9. I call bullshit on the increased drop rates! It worse than ever for me now. I needed 2 ghosts for over 24 hours now and not a single drop and ankhs have dried up for me as well. I don’t know what TinyCo thinks it’s increased but they should go back and look at their algorithms again. I’m doing worse now.


  10. Only one ghost left and King Butt is all mine. Bryan Cranston has been chucking pizzas all over the neighborhood, Jerome’s fro should be a mile high at this point and if Bonnie twerks it too much longer I fear her butt will fall off.

    Meanwhile, as you’ll notice on the side, I’ve been ignoring all the quests.


  11. I think i dont have much luck. since the post that tinyco increased the droprate i got only two screwdrivers, and this for about 35-40 tasks.
    Even the ghosts (actually 3) are not that friendly to drop more often. ;-(
    With this speed I would be finished on March 3rd.


  12. Wait I thought they removed the timer for King butt. It is taking forever to get Pawtucket pat so I don’t have time for King butt. I have been going heavy on pat as a priority and I still see about a week of going for pat.


    1. This is what TinyCo said about the timer: The decision was made last night that he will no longer have a timer. All players will have the same end date: Feb 3rd at approximately 3pm.

      They meant there wouldn’t be a timer from when you placed the Pyramid, but everyone has the same end time!


      1. Tiny Co need to get their shit together.. Increased drop rate my ass! I have been doing the tasks as soon as the became available non-stop and I am sitting with 3 ghost , 42 anhk , 5 chairs and 3 teddies… The screw driver is the only item I got no problem… I started during the koolaid summer event and havent missed any fremium content ever… So I can imagine players that started after me… This game is becoming too bull for my liking, I actually feel insulted at these drop rates. Jillian’s outfit took me till the last 6 hours of the event to drop that last collar.

        They need to prioritize their stuff, each time I think ok I will buy clams this event looks alright.. The drop rates slap my hand away from my credit card and remind me how the last one made me swear over a pixalated app…


  13. Ah, that explains how I’ve managed to go from 2 Ghosts to 6 Ghosts in 24 hours. Thanks Tinyco for the change, I could not see myself collecting 11 Ghosts in the time allowed with the previous drop rates.

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  14. Ankhs have definitely increased. I went from 34 to 43 Ankhs on my “overnight” collect. Very happy with this. 🙂

    Also of note, the Training Montage Training Center just showed up in my game for coins! Pretty sure this 20 hour build (though it’s a Deco?) is the building needed for Blobulous and Multiplier’s tasks. Please do correct me if I am wrong. 🙂


  15. I’m almost there already with King Butt. Just need 2 ghosts and 12 ankhs. Don’t know if it’ll work for anyone else but the drop rate for sonic screwdrivers using Peter and Quagmire napping was great for me it gave me 5 out of 6 drops.


  16. Hooray! Although I’m on track (got all the Screwdrivers, half way with the Ahnks and nearly midway with the Ghosts) but I’m happy they’re making it easier, especially when Bonnie and Jerome’s tasks have two items to collect for!


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