Best of 2014 Vol.3 FAQS

Vol.3 has just gone live! Here are the details:


What can I get from the “Best of 2014” Mystery Box Vol.3?

Here are the following characters and costumes you can win from the “Best of 2014” Mystery Box Vol.3, which is available for 125 clams in the shop.

Mutant Stewie

– Ron Perlman

– Captain Hammered Peter

– Red Hot Lois

– Bikini Peter

– Rollo Cop Joe

– Pink Brian

– Stripper Bonnie

How do I unlock Mr. Weed during the “Best of 2014” promotion?


To get a second chance at unlocking Mr. Weed, purchase his Ghostly Coffin from the shop (for 1,000 coins). Once built, you will have until February 3rd to collect the following items:

14 Machetes (uncommon) from Seamus and Meg

3 Sonic Screwdriver (epic) from Quagmire, Dr. Hartman, Patrick Stewart, Iron Baby Stewie, Blobulous Chris, Mutant Stewie, Ron Perlman, Captain Hammered Peter, Red Hot Lois, and Bryan Cranston

3 Teddy Bears (extra rare) from Brian, Tricia, Vampire Duck Stewie, Pee Pants Peter, Sexy Witch Connie, Rollo Cop Joe, Stan Lee, Felicia Day, Multiplier Quagmire, Pink Brian and Nathan Fillion

If you unlock him by February 3rd (~3pm PST), he is yours to keep forever. If you do not unlock him before this time, he will disappear.

Other items in the shop:

Redrum Inn: 1,500 coins – limit 1

Hell’s Pit: 2,250 coins

Witch’s Cauldron: 3,000 coins

Death’s Dog: 10,000 coins – limit 1

Diabeto: 15,000 coins – limit 1

Sugar Skull: 1,000 coins

Quahog Cannery: 4,000 coins


13 thoughts on “Best of 2014 Vol.3 FAQS”

  1. I like all of these Mystery boxes.. But just as a side note, couldn’t they throw in the questlines, that came with the outfits so we can have a little time waster while we wait for the V day event?


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