Best of 2014: How do I unlock George Takei

There’s a Red TARDIS, sexy Nathan Fillion and oh shoot I forgot what I was saying….. Oh well click the read more to find out what Nathan made me forget!

Note: will update with times when it isn’t the middle of the night, us Brits need sleep!

To get a second chance at unlocking George Takei, purchase his Phone Booth from the shop (for 1,000 coins). Once built, you will have until February 3rd to collect the following items:

28 Ankhs (uncommon)

  • Make Lois Freshen Up
  • Make Chris Enjoy Private Time
  • Make Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza
  • Make Adventure Peter Grow Rugged Beard
  • Make 80’s Popstar Cleveland Prep For the Club
  • Make Diane Simmons Exercise at the Gym
  • Make Dia de Los Muertos Consuela Do a Dirty Dance
  • Make Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny
  • Make Francis Griffin Relive His Retirement Party
  • Make Slutty Cat Meg Go To Halloween Dance
  • 14 Captain’s Chairs (rare)

  • Make Mort Swallow Jewels
  • Make Herbert Buy Candy for Kids
  • Make Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny
  • 6 Teddy Bears (extra rare)

  • Make Brian Brag About His Writing
  • Make Tricia Report On-Scene
  • Make Vampire Duck Stewie Wear Costume to School
  • Make Pee Pants Peter Wet Himself
  • Make Sexy Witch Connie Go To Halloween Dance
  • Make Rollo Cop Joe
  • Make Stan Lee Practice Peter Parkour
  • Make Felicia Day Play Freeze Tag
  • Make Multiplier Quagmire
  • Make Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny
  • Make Pink Brian Pretty in Pink
  • If you unlock him before February 3rd (~3pm PST), he is yours to keep forever. If you do not unlock him completely before this time, he will disappear. 


    9 thoughts on “Best of 2014: How do I unlock George Takei”

    1. Unlocked George Takei, but there’s no sign of him. The phone booth is gone, and nothing is there in its place. Kinda cheesed off, tbh.


    2. ah the red tardis dissapears when you unlock him and is replaced with a tiny orange directors chair, on the plus side I just got GEORGE TAKEI!


      1. Peter Grow a Beard requires Adventure Peter costume, Meg Attend the Halloween Dance requires Slutty Cat Meg and Connie Attend the Halloween Dance requires Witch Connie, do you have these?


    3. I bought the fillion dude to get both king butt and george takei. So far i have collected all the items except for 17 more ankhs. Hope to get them before the dateline… paying 225 clams to get 3 characters. I think is clams well spent!


    4. Really, l mean really Tiny Co imagines that we will be able to collect almost 100 items that are rare and extra rare, not to mention uncommon until the 3rd of February? I have 14 anks, 5 sticks and 1 phantom for two characters. No way l can make it. We do have a personal life, a job and need to sleep once in a while.


    5. With the amount of Ankhs you need for both characters there’s no way a freemium player can get them all! I started playing mid November, so I just have Lois and Chris to work on them. I only have 8 at the moment. I hope Mr. Weed doesn’t need them.


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