Share: King Butt’s Stats!

I have King Butt unlocked so I can’t give you my daily stats on unlocking King Butt and collecting his EPIC items, so I thought that you could all share how you are getting along with the items, your thoughts about the unlocking process and anything else King Butt related!


Usually, I set my stats posts like this:

I have collected:

0/40 Ankh (I need 40 left to collect)

0/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 5 left to collect)

0/11 Ghosts (I need 11 left to collect)

I would normally put this in too:

It would cost me 000 Clams to unlock King Butt right now…

But, as King Butt is hidden away in his Pyramid, there isn’t an option to ‘UNLOCK NOW‘, and there isn’t an option to purchase the items individually either from the unlock screen!

The only way of rushing and unlocking King Butt is to rush a character on a King Butt earning task, then you get the option to TRY AGAIN for another chance to see whether the item will drop, or BUY NOW and you will receive one of the items that the character was trying to earn!

Unless anyone wants to rush their characters and post their calculations on how many Clams it will take for them to complete, we can leave the Clams section out!

If you want to share your stats, you can either copy and paste my layout above, and change the zeros, or you can take a screenshot, head over to TinyPic (or other image sharing sites), upload your image (no account necessary), and copy and paste the image URL in the comments below!

Can’t wait to see how everyone is doing… Good luck everyone!


56 thoughts on “Share: King Butt’s Stats!”

  1. Another 24 hours and here’s my latest stats:

    40/40 Ankh (was 33/40)
    5/5 Sonic Screwdriver (was 4/5)
    8/11 Ghost (was 6/11)

    No Ghosts have dropped in the last 24 hours.


  2. Another 24 hours and here’s my latest stats:

    33/40 Ankh (was 16/40)
    4/5 Sonic Screwdriver (was 4/5)
    6/11 Ghost (was 2/11)

    The drop rate for ghosts is much better now and I think I am on track to get King Butt before the event ends.


  3. wow everyone else seems to be doing really well. I’ve been playing since King Butt was released and I play several times a day but I just don’t seem to be getting good drop rates for any of the items. I’ve got a few of the special characters too although I don’t have Bryan or Nathan

    9/40 Ankh
    2/5 Sonic Screwdrivers
    1/11 Ghosts

    I doubt I’m going to be able to complete this in time but fingers crossed!


  4. Day 2 Stats

    At the start of the day I had:

    7/40 Ankh (I need 33 left to collect)

    0/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 5 left to collect)

    8/11 Ghosts (I need 3 left to collect)

    I had been doing well on ghosts, but hadn’t had any contact with The Doctor yet. Since then I’ve collected 14 Ankhs, 4 Sonic Screwdrivers, and 3 Ghosts bringing my new totals to:

    21/40 Ankhs (19 left to collect)
    4/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (1 left to collect)
    11/11 Ghosts (none left to collect)

    Day 2 was definitely a productive one. Far more Ankhs dropped which puts me in very good shape to get them all shortly, and thanks to my Superhero friends (2 Screwdrivers from Blobulous, 1 from Captain Hammered, and 1 from Red Hot), The Doctor has supplied me with almost all I need. Lastly, of course, is the Ghosts which have all been collected freeing me up on that front.


      1. Yes already have George and Mr Weed. I feel bad for those that don’t and are gonna try to collect all before the mini event ends


      2. Lol thanks! Oh Gold Suit Peter….Will you ever be mine? Anyways, just completed my morning collection and I’m just 1 ankh short. So just got Bryan on the task for 4 hours and then the King is mine πŸ™‚


      3. And King Butt is mine! πŸ˜€ Almost exactly 3 days from when I placed his pyramid, and he came with the golden Adventure Peter Statue which was a nice lil surprise and now I have a complete set of Adventure statues πŸ™‚


  5. 16/40 Ankh (I need 24 left to collect)
    2/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 3 left to collect)
    2/11 Ghosts (I need 9 left to collect)
    with four days still to go.
    I do suspect that I will come close, but not get all of the items (I have no Brian Cranston), meaning that this was a wasteful distraction from the brewery.


  6. Here’s my latest stats:

    16/40 Ankh (was 1/40)
    4/5 Sonic Screwdriver (was 0/5)
    2/11 Ghost (was 2/11)

    Looks like Ghosts are going to be the most difficult item to collect as I’ve only got two characters with those tasks.


  7. I got off to a late start owing to the fact that I didn’t realize king but was inside the pyramid and didn’t really start on it until yesterday. I hope I will have enough time to finish up.

    10/40 Ankh
    2/5 Sonic Screwdrivers
    2/11 Ghosts


  8. Since Wednesday I have collected:

    20/40 Ankh (20 left to collect)

    5/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (0 left to collect)

    5/11 Ghosts (6 left to collect)

    Really impressed by my Sonic drops, must be a fan thing πŸ˜‰


  9. I have started attempting to collect the minute the King Butt started. I have all the characters and all the costumes. I have been focusing mainly on having my characters go for the epic and rare items…to no avail. So far, my results are extraordinarily paltry:

    10/40 Anks
    0/5 Sonic Screwdriver
    0/11 Ghosts


  10. Well like a few people I got a late start as I also put most characters on a 24 hour task right before this started. So here are my stats….
    14 ankhs
    2 sonic screwdrivers
    4 ghosts
    I hope TinyCo adds others characters to the ghost tasks as both Bonnie and Jerome are splitting with flutes.
    Don’t know if it’s just my luck or not but both sonic screwdrivers I got from back 2 back tasks of Peter & Quagmire taking a nap. No one else has dropped a sonic screwdriver for me yet.


  11. I lost a day of collecting because I put a couple characters on 1 day tasks then a few hours later this event got released. 😦

    2/40 Ankh (I need 38 left to collect)
    3/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 2 left to collect)
    1/11 Ghosts (I need 10 left to collect)

    Just curious if it seems plausible of unlocking him with the ability to run two tasks for each item? I don’t have any of the characters and outfits except for Lois/Chris for Ankh, Hartman/Quagmire & Peter for Sonic Screwdriver, and Bonnie/Jerome for Ghost, and I don’t plan on getting any of the other characters.


      1. Very strange, wasn’t it?! I’m not sure what has happened to Consuela’s task… But I reckon Nathan Fillion’s task was released too soon as that task has been added to the item earning list for George Takei now!


      1. They also shifted Consuela’s 8 hour inside job to a different job (which I understand because I think it’s an outside job instead of one that requires a building) however, that means I just wasted 8 hours of Consuela time because the 8 hour task doesn’t show a drop anymore (I wish TinyCo wouldn’t eliminate tasks mid event–adding new things Is fine, Consuela could have had two jobs that dropped the item just like the various flavors of Stewie


      2. Very annoying! As the Nathan Fillion task showed up for Ankhs yesterday, I am guessing they were added by mistake as George Takei’s list of items says Nathan Fillion for Ankhs now! Has the Consuela task come back?


      3. I just noticed the same as Joyce. They also eliminated Chris’s (or is it Chris’, never know with S πŸ˜‰ ) 6hr task to earn Ankhs. Lil annoyed that Consuela was running her 8 hr task all day and now has 45 minutes left all for nothing, but I’m not hurting on Ankhs, so cant complain much.


      4. As of 420pm eastern Thursday it looks like Nathan Fillion no longer drops anything (the pyramid showed that he would at 230pm eastern but he was on a different task so I was waiting it out) Lois and Chris still show the 6 hour ankh task in my game (at least according to the pyramid, I have them on screwdrivers) (I’m on version 1.6.0 so maybe different app version got different tasks, maybe I’ll log in in 2 hours and the task list will gave changed again….gosh Darn it TinyCo, this is stupid.I get adjusting things on the fly but I much preferred when the adjustment would happen at a fairly predictable time (it used to be 7pm eastern or 6pm eastern now it’s whenever


  12. I think I am a little behind, as I had to wait until the morning after the event roll out before most of my characters were free to get going on King Butt tasks.

    7/40 Ankh (I need 33 left to collect)
    3/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 2 left to collect)
    3/11 Ghosts (I need 8 left to collect)

    Intensely focusing of Sonic Screwdrivers is helping, but am a little concerned that the Ghosts will fall. Both Bonnie and Jerome have the option of dropping either Ghosts or Flutes, and they are the only characters earning Ghosts (don’t have Cranston).

    Haven’t rushed anything yet. I am focusing on the epic items first, as they usually cost more to rush/buy than the other items. If at the end I need to rush/buy a few, I would rather it be the cheaper Ankh or Ghosts.


    1. you think you behind 0.o

      you have 3/5 epic and 3/11 rare!
      I only have 1 epic and 1 rare!

      I hate tinyco by having multiple drops for jerome and bonnie. Just got a drop and it was a flute 😦

      give me ghosts


  13. This is what I woke up to this AM, after running thru the checkmarks when I woke up… I have not hurried any tasks.. just running non stop assembly line ….



      1. let’s try this one more time… lol

        Btw.. I just looked at my alien character, and he now has a Chase his tail quest for the screwdriver!!!


      2. Hell with it.. just gonna do it the old fashioned way:

        I have collected:

        22/40 Ankh (I need 18 left to collect)

        3/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 2 left to collect)

        7/11 Ghosts (I need 4 left to collect)


  14. King Butt is a Pain in the Butt, After 2 or 3 days (whenever it started, I jumped right on because he was the only one I was missing) Here’s my stats:

    I have collected:

    24/40 Ankh (I need 16 left to collect)

    4/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 1 left to collect)

    3/11 Ghosts (I need 8 left to collect)

    Any Suggestions on how to get without rushing is appreciated!!


  15. After 1 day of collecting I am currently sitting at:

    7/40 Ankh (I need 33 left to collect)

    0/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 5 left to collect)

    8/11 Ghosts (I need 3 left to collect)

    So as you can see, I’ve made some progress on the Ankhs, but since I’ve been focusing on the harder items, they aren’t as far along as they possibly could be. The Ghosts have been dropping nicely, and if they continue to drop at this rate, they’ll be done by the end of day 2. The worrying items are turning out to be the Epic sonic screwdrivers. Clearly, the Doctor doesn’t like me as I’ve had everyone possible character/costume working on tasks constantly to try and drop them and I haven’t received a single one thus far.

    I’d been hoping to get one by the end of that first day, but hopefully day 2 will be more giving.


  16. After 1 day of collection, I have collected:
    12/40 Ankh (I need 32 left to collect)
    2/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 3 left to collect)
    4/11 Ghosts (I need 7 left to collect)
    I have all characters/costumes to collect for King Butt


  17. I have collected:

    11/40 Ankh (I need 29 left to collect)
    1/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 4 left to collect)
    2/11 Ghosts (I need 9 left to collect)

    I should mention I do have Bryan Cranston, as he will make it a lot easier to earn items, especially once I have all the ankhs.

    I also already had all of the characters/skins needed to earn these items, though for most I had to wait for them to complete the 24-hour task they were on before they could get started.


  18. 10/40 Ankh (I need 40 left to collect)
    2/5 Sonic Screwdrivers (I need 5 left to collect)
    1/11 Ghosts (I need 11 left to collect)

    With 1 days work (on 2nd day now)

    So I’m most worried about the Ghosts at the minute, which I only have Bonnie and Jerome for, and Bonnie’s task has a chance of dropping the Ghosts OR the Chumbawumba Flutes, which is causing me trouble.

    They need more tasks for the Ghosts to be fair, I mean, there is only a week for a bunch of extra rare, epic and uncommon items!


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