RyPod Post: Film-ily Guy #2

Good day my fellow gamers,

Last week we started our Film-ily Guy series – where you guys pick a celebrity to play different characters if there was a real life film of Family Guy.

Last week, the character chosen was Lois and after much consideration, the celebrity to play Lois is…Julianne Moore!!

She’s slightly older than Lois but she’s foxy, and she could do the character justice.

SO…the character this week is Peter, who else? I’ll throw a celebrity in as usual, so I’ll say Seth Rogan, do you think anyone better could do more justice? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Family Guy: The Quest For Actors –

Lois – Julianne Moore


20 thoughts on “RyPod Post: Film-ily Guy #2”

  1. If it can be anyone from any time.. No one better than Jackie Gleason there.. Hell, if we are going way back.. For Lois, you could even use his wife Audrey Meadows-red head. !!!


    1. They do seem to have a similarity, as shown in The Fat Guy Strangler where Peter kept repeating “POW!! Right in the kisser” and freaking Patrick out 🙂 but you’re right, it can be anyone from any time, it’s great you’re all thinking outside of the box 🙂

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  2. There’s only one answer really: zach galifianakis. His character in the hangover series was a stupid but lovable fat guy so has many similarities to peter. He might need to shave though, unless its the episode where peter grows a beard which a bird to lives in.


    1. Ah of course, I forgot about Zach, it’s a good call, I’ll collate all the ideas together and make a decision on Sunday 🙂


    2. It’s great that this topic is such a hit, the post has only been live 5hrs and already there’s about half a dozen suggestions 😀 keep them coming guys 🙂


    1. Good call, that’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be someone alive or that age now, it could be say John Goodman from a certain era such as 90’s John Goodman so it’s great you’re thinking outside the box Gabriel 🙂


    1. Good call 🙂 I like the creativity, the celeb doesn’t have to be alive, it doesn’t even have to be an actor, could choose a singer or anyone 🙂


  3. Jack Black. He has a similar body shape, can sing, and most of his movie characters are a little off center, probably in real life too. And many times his characters come up with crazy schemes that get him in trouble, think “School of Rock”, “Year One” and “Shallow Hal”. And he is a rocker in real life in the band Tenacious D, much like Peter would dream of being a band member of KISS.


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