What’s Missing?

Although I totally think all these old items should have make a come back a few at a time every #ThrowbackThursday I can see how that might have taken a while!

There have been a staggering amount of characters and costumes in less than a year in our Quahog’s and I think it’s fair to say that TinyCo have really gone at this game all guns blazing!

Peter has a ridiculous amount of costumes right?! Until recently when Animé Peter had a task for item drops I completely forgot he existed! I am glad of the opportunity for those who missed out on Adventurer Peter to get him, but do you need him?! Will you care if you don’t get him?! That’s the nitty gritty that I want to know!

On the subject of Peter, which of his costumes is your favourite then people? I am torn between Ghostbuster Peter and Captain Hammered because I guess I truly am a geek at heart! (Oh and I like Peter with his clothes on!)

Did you miss out on any characters from Halloween? Those who had the graves of Francis and Diane have really cashed in during this event! I don’t know whether it’s a glitch or not but it is a good one!

Let’s have a show of hands: who has the space for the decorations from the Kingdom of the Full Moon event? I really don’t! I already had a couple that have been in my inventory since around the time of Comic-Con! Maybe we could have had just a tiny bit more land to get some benefit out of the decorations?! A ickle little weeny bit?!

Who did you miss out on in Comic-Con? I thought it was fairly easy at the time with all the extensions and late updates! I got everyone and yes I spent out on both Brian Cranston and Nathan Fillion at the time! I had too! A meth dealer and a Captain?! Where do I sign up I shouted in glee! That’s when I started spending shed loads of clams!

Anyway I am rambling on and this is meant to be about YOU! Yes you! What did you miss? Is there anything you are keeping your fingers crossed that TinyCo will bring back? Anything you have been kicking yourself about since you passed up on it? Or are you happy that you get a vacation from all the mini events because you have everything?!

Talk, moan, gripe and above all else speculate in the comments!


10 thoughts on “What’s Missing?”

  1. If I could choose just one item that I missed, it would be the Smith house – my neighborhood feels incomplete without it! Anyone who has Nathan Fillion, help me out… Is he worth the clams?


  2. Hi. I missed out clown Peter (I think It was near impossible to get it without spend clams), King butt, bitch Brian, new year Brian costume and steroid stewie.
    I think TinyCo did a good job bringing back King butt.

    I hope that circus event will come back a day with new content

    Offtopic: please, Star Wars event 🙂


    1. I think a lot of people missed out on Pee Pants! He did come back as premium a while ago! King Butt was very hard too, lots of players lost out too! I don’t have Bitch Brian as he was released as premium, as was Steroid Stewie and New Year’s Brian – so I missed out on these too!


  3. It’s really pointed it out to me in this event that I missed out on 80s Pop Star Cleveland. I need him! The Full-Moon event was my first and I didn’t really get on top of the collections – nor did I have the characters I probably needed to succeed. Now my drop rates on Ankhs are rubbish and it may be the first collection I fail on! Bryan Cranston is SOOO expensive, and I don’t feel like spending £9 on one character that doesn’t seem to get much to do anyway (paricularly as I managed quite well without him during Comic-Con).


    1. Lets hope that TinyCo bring back 80’s Popstar Cleveland! Good luck with King Butt! Bryan does seems expensive… I was wondering whether we are going to need any of these old characters for Valentine’s, as they re-released Cleveland just before Halloween as he was involved! Just a thought…


  4. The only freemium characters/costumes I’ve missed out on are clown peter and king butt. I don’t mind if I miss out on premium. I already had all the buildings and decos from the full moon event so I’m not struggling with space for once, although extra land would have been appreciated.


  5. I missed out on clown Peter, king butt, pop star cleavland, Nathan Fillion, Brian Cranston, squid stewie, sexy stewie, Mr weed, Jesus, and steroid stewie. So hopefully a few of them will come back!


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