What can you get for 125 clams?

The Best of 2014 mystery box vol.1 is here and it is currently offering some of those folks you might have missed out on! Like…. Dare I say it? Diane Simmons. Phew. Glad that’s out of the way!

Judging by the picture for the mystery box there are more characters coming to a mystery box near you soon! But for now you will have to put up with –

Patrick Stewart (Comic Con)


Chris’ Blobulous costume from Comic Con


Francis Griffin (Halloween grave digging)


Diane Simmons (Halloween grave digging)


Adventure Peter (Kingdom of the Full Moon)


For those that didn’t start playing right at the word dot Adventure Peter accompanies the event in which so many people missed out on King Butt.

Patrick ‘Picard’ Stewart was one of the celebrities available freemium during the Comic Con event. As was the Blobulous costume for Chris. Hopefully the rest of the Fabulous 4 will follow…..

Francis Griffin and Diane Simmons caused serious controversy during the Halloween update and many people missed out due to beginning the grave digging too soon. I for one am glad she is back but with a 125 clam price tag she comes at a bit of a price considering she has been near on useless since!

So anyone else you missed that you are hoping for? I am super excited to be able to try and unlock king butt freemium! If I don’t get him this time I am going to be so angry! Well at least for a couple of minutes 😉

Hope you all enjoy the new update, if you already have everything, its time for you to sit back, relax and put the kettle on! Or the coffee machine….. Or grab a beer….. Whatever you beverage of choice grab it, drink it and praise yourself for being such an epic player!

That’s all from me, let’s hear from you below! 🙂


19 thoughts on “What can you get for 125 clams?”

  1. I need
    1. Steroid Stewie
    2.Human Rupert
    3. Michael or Jason (halloween I got Freddy)
    4.Summer Peter
    5.Bitch Brian
    I think that’s it….& I almost had a moment here where I quit playing for a few days because I couldn’t afford clams for steroid stewie & human Rupert & I hate not having all the characters it makes me feel empty:( lol but seriously it does!!! but I’m back at it working on king butt I’m so excited cause I started playing the game when it first came out & it wasn’t what I was into so my fiancee started playing a few months later & few months later after that I fell in love playing it for him & so it was his game no more!!! Muahaha!!!


    1. Oh yeah & hopefully I’ll have halloween consuela & Brian Cranston when I get my check Monday!!! I hope she’s all I need left I’m making Adventure Peter now:):):)!!!


  2. Yeah did it once and got the consuela outfit now the only thing im missing is mr weed but the box disappeared after I did it once was that a glitch or can you only do it once or what cause I really wanna get mr weed just so that I have everything


  3. Oh my gosh, I am so happy King Butt is available. I started playing right when the event for him was available, so I got Cleveland, but I missed him. Thanks to this site I knew what to expect for Diane and everyone else, but I was so happy to see him just now! I’m still happy to know y’all have info on the best of items and characters.


    1. I just want to mention I am a premium player, so I am one of the bad guys. Supporting TinyCo and the rest of their outrageous expectations of paying, so I’m one of those.


      1. I am too, but it started to get out of hand. Everything cost clams and they fook 2 months to answer a support problem?? This website is far more helpful than tiny co!!


  4. Before you spend ANY clams on this box, CHECK your inventory! I had Diane Simmons Grave in there from the Halloween Event and got her TOTALLY free and insta-build!

    You guys are missing a few from your list: Slutty Cat Meg, Dia De Los Muertas Consuela, and (Comic-Con Stewie).

    I did spend some clams on this box. I got Patrick Stewart, Adventure Peter, Blobulous Chris, and Francis Griffin. Pretty much exactly the ones I wanted and “needed!” Well, minus Blobulous maybe. 🙂

    I don’t think I’ll pop on slutty cat meg, (stewie’s costume), or Dia Consuela. I don’t even have :regular” Consuela, so not eligible for that one. Oh well. 🙂


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