Valentine’s Spoiler: Exclusive from TinyCo

Who knows that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon? Well, if you are sat wondering whether you might get a special gift this year from that special someone, you can STOP right now because we are here to give you an exclusive present from TinyCo!

Those creative cupids at TinyCo have sent us an exclusive spoiler, fresh from the drawing board, if you want to know more… Actually, you have probably already stopped reading, rushed ahead a few minutes ago and hit the MORE button!

So, shall I just keep going and pretend that you are being polite and reading what I have to say… And assume that you are definitely, absolutely NOT skipping to the good bit!

Well, we would like to give you a little sneaky preview of something that will be making an appearance when Valentine’s strikes all of our Quahogians, so maybe I should just let you see it now…

Nahhh, not yet! I still have lots of really important and interesting things I would like to say to you first… Like, umm… What you dooooing?!?!

OK, I will stop being cruel now and show you:


WHOAAA! Did everyone just see that?!

What do you guys think it is? Obviously, it is a CAFÉ, but what café? Who’s café? When café… Hang on, that doesn’t make sense, I’ve run out of sensible questions!

What colour do you think it will be? What do you think it could drop? Will it be freemium or premium? How much do you think it will be?

Who could go on a date here (this is just a question)? Obviously it is not Quagmire as he isn’t classy enough for this! Is this where TinyCo is taking us on Valentine’s Day?!

Could Brian’s ex-girlfriends return and Brian books this café to impress?

Let us know what your ideas and thoughts are!


44 thoughts on “Valentine’s Spoiler: Exclusive from TinyCo”

  1. I’ve been playing this game since the beta and as much as I wanted to hate it I check multiple times a day. Having said that I’m really getting sick of every update containing TONS of new content yet nowhere to put it. I can honestly say I have at least one of every item ever released and it is not even close to possible to fit everything. I’ve just nuked my town and yet I’m almost full again just with the last two updates. 95% of my game is in storage and I hate to store content I’ve paid for and with this game being so ridiculously expensive it just makes me angry every time I open my game. This game needs a seriously large land expansion with no content.
    I do think it’s terrific that TinyCo is so supportive of its fan blogs that they give you guys exclusive info and guest posts though. Hell, I’ve ran the first and biggest Tapped Out blog with Tips and now own one of the biggest blogs with Topix and I have never so much as heard a fart from anyone in the entire EA company so this game definitely wins the outreach contest. Congrats on the exclusive info, thanks for posting it although I’m dreading even one more content update. My O.C.D won’t allow me to not obtain anything new but I already know it will be money wasted sitting in my inventory. : (


  2. I understand not everyone has all of the exclusive characters , but give them a purpose. Let them be used to collect needed items, even if it takes a day.
    Quagmire with a cupid costume, a must.

    Get on with the Plutonium, surprised it was not a gift for Stewie at Christmas.

    A Star Wars special would be GREAT, Jabba Meg and Asteroid slug Meg, Vader Stewie. C ‘ Mon kiss Disney’s butt and get permission. Use it for Halloween 2015.


  3. I’m Sure it will cost an ungodly amount of clams and/or have some sort of time limit attached to it. Giving a massive middle finger to those who have jobs, or otherwise intelligent people who refused to pay actual real world currency for a stupid cell phone game.


  4. The bldg should be red, pink and white for valentines. It should drop hearts of course. Please don’t make it too expensive to buy. Can we please buy it with coins and not clams?????

    Thanks! Can’t wait to see the new building! !


  5. Well since there’s only been the valentines day episode I think it’s just regular building that’ll have some tasks applied to it. Tons of story’s lines in that episode though to work with. Consuela sneaking across the border to see her husband, Megs internet date that steals her kidney, Adam West and Carol dating Mayor McCheese, Quagmire turning into Glenda Vajmire, Stewie and his time travel 60’s date that ends up being baby Lois, Kool-Aid family meeting sons date a Yoohoo, Chris and Sandy who is Herbert’s neice, Brian and all his ex’s in bed. This could be a huge event with new skins, new characters, and some old ones with new tasks. I’m really looking forward to Valentines Day!


      1. Or Carol. Neither one seems very faithful to the other, what with Meg and her line about, “Yeah this still happens sometimes,” and Carol seeing Mayor McCheese.


  6. I just hope it’s not 9×9. The fact that this building has so many parts they can be labelled suggests it would be massive. But it should be 4×4 please tinyco


    1. I was going to ask on the post… How BIG do you think it will be?… Just for you! 😉 it might be for a Valentine’s area too, which would mean you wouldn’t need to worry about the size.. But that is just speculation 🙂


  7. Peter and Lois will certainly have a quest here.

    Okay, this is just raw hope, but Donna Tubbs will be introduced during this event. Cleveland will need to do something or another to have a nice Valentine’s dinner with his wife. Hopefully this means sending Rallo and Roberta off to be distracted during.


      1. Why not? They’ve already got a few ghosts floating about and what would ruin a night of romance with your hot new wife than your frumpy ex-wife floating through the walls?


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