King Butt’s Timer!

We have heard back from TinyCo regarding King Butt’s Timer! As we all noticed, King Butt had no indication of having a timer – there isn’t one above his head, not associated with a timed task, and it isn’t stated when you look at his item list, and this is why:


King Butt DOES NOT have a timer!!

TinyCo decided last night that King Butt will no longer come with a 7 day timer:

“The decision was made last night that he will no longer have a timer. All players will have the same end date: Feb 3rd at approximately 3pm.”

So, you no longer need to worry about whether the timer began when you placed his Pyramid yesterday, but this does mean that you should begin collecting immediately as it does not matter WHEN you place the Pyramid, you will only have until 3rd February!


18 thoughts on “King Butt’s Timer!”

  1. Its impossible to get this since it launched I have 3 uncommons 3! 1 epic 1 extra rare.. this is sad 2 people to get 11 extra rare in a week and its a multiple like why bring it back when you its impossible to do. The original way was easy. Get a hold of Tinyco please this is just ridiculous.

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  2. I asked in game and that was clarified to be 3pm Pacific on Feb 3rd(although the response said “approximately” so grain of salt…hopefully it’s coded correctly (unlike earlier timers which could be flaky))


  3. My King Butt stats so far:

    1/40 Ankh
    0/5 Sonic Screwdriver
    2/11 Ghost

    I don’t have Adventure Peter, 80s Popstar Cleveland or Bryan Cranston.


  4. I don’t see any way I get him with only 2 tasks to get 4 more epic drops as it took me 5 weeks of non stop Dr and peter tasks to get my 2nd and 3rd eyeballs for anime peter.


  5. King Butt was one of the few freemium guys I have missed… but my iPad doesn’t really show that he’s there when you place the Sandy Pyramid. And when you collect items for him, it doesn’t show your progress in the top right corner… 😦


    1. click on the pyramid to see your progress. he doesn’t stand there waiting like other characters and his items don’t show progress when collected. but if you click on the pyramid it will show you your progress and who does what


  6. Annoying when they release conflicting information. I did finally place my pyramid a couple of hours ago and got 4 Ankhs right away. Hopefully timers will be my friend


      1. Meant to post this last night but fell asleep on the couch 😉
        Got 50 more clams for complaining about the inconsistency :D, citing that because I only had the FAQ to follow before placing the pyramid, I was holding off until characters were free. I’ll share my stats on the new post


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