‘Best of 2014’ FAQS

We are going to be greeted with some old and familiar faces! Some of you may have been playing and missed out on what has arrived in Quahog… or you may not have been playing when they first made their cameo into our Quahog’s… either way, TinyCo has given all their players a second chance, but for a limited time only!

When does the “Best of 2014” promotion end? 
The “Best of 2014” promotion will end on Tuesday, February 3rd.

How do I see the “Best of 2014” promotion?
The “Best of 2014” promotion celebrates the incredible adventures of last year by re-introducing some of your favorite characters, costumes and decorations back into Quahog. 

To get a second chance at these items, you will need to have Al Harrington’s repaired (which happens in District 3).

Can I win a costume or character I already own? 
If you already own a costume or character in the “Best of 2014” Mystery Box, you will not be eligible to win that same outfit/character again.

How come I don’t see all the available costumes in the Mystery Boxes?
If you do not have the character unlocked in your game, their costume will not appear in the Mystery Box for you to win.

For example, if you do not have Consuela unlocked in your game, you will not see Dia de los Muertos Consuela in the Mystery Box, Vol 1. 

Why can’t I unlock George Takei or Mr. Weed yet? 

These characters will be released in the shop for you to unlock throughout the week. King Butt is first, but be sure to check back often to see when your favorite character of 2014 has made a return! 

What can I get from the “Best of 2014” Mystery Box Vol.1? 
Here are the following characters and costumes you can win from the “Best of 2014” Mystery Box Vol.1, which is available for 125 clams in the shop:

Blobulous Chris

Dia de los Muertos Consuela

Patrick Stewart

Diane Simmons

Francis Griffin

Slutty Cat Meg

Adventure Peter

Iron Baby Stewie

How do I unlock King Butt during the “Best of 2014” promotion? 

To get a second chance at unlocking King Butt, purchase his building from the shop. Once built, you will have 7 days to collect the following items:

  • 40 Ankh (uncommon) from:
  • Lois Chris Adventure Peter 80s Popstar Cleveland Francis Diane Slutty Cat Meg Dia de los Muertos Consuela Bryan Cranston
  • 5 Sonic Screwdriver (epic) from:
  • Quagmire Dr. Hartman Patrick Stewart Iron Baby Stewie Mutant Stewie Ron Perlman Captain Hammered Peter Red Hot Lois Bryan Cranston 
  • 11 Ghosts (extra rare) from:
  • Bonnie Jerome Bryan Cranston

    If you unlock him within the 7-day period, he is yours to keep forever. If you do not unlock him and the timer expires, he will disappear.

    Why does the game take me to Al Harrington’s when I try to get materials?
    If you are tapping “GO” directly from the list of material sources, the game may open Al Harrington’s menu. This means that you don’t own the outfit required to perform the action.

    This will be fixed in the 1.7 update.


    14 thoughts on “‘Best of 2014’ FAQS”

    1. I have been playing since The Best Of 2014 began. Checking my game every 2 hours. The drop rate is ridiculous. I have only received 28 ankhs in 6 days. Enough to unlock George Takei. I need 1 teddy bear to unlock Mr. Weed. I read the drop rate had increased, according to my progress, I have had a decrease. With the amount of complaints it’s seems that this would have been fixed. Maybe they will fix all bugs with the next event.


    2. Well this isn’t fair.. A kick in the nuts for people that actually unlocked the characters and costume legitly the first time… Plus ppl are getting freebies? I sure as hell didn’t get any, oh wait because I unlocked those myself.. Half of the tasks for king butt are old costumes that I missed out on since Imstarted during the koolaid event, so thats a bummer right there, I am freemium so no I don’t want the best of boxes… Anyways this game is getting too repetitive for my liking.


    3. The only thing I need is King Butt and all the characters I need to use to unlock him are stuck in day long tasks :/ I did not think this through.

      Also, I hope they bring back Pee Pants and Sexy Party Stewie because those are the only two left I need.


      1. You need to buy King Butt with his Pyramid, it is under the featured tab, is that the one you purchased? It is $1000, King Butt doesn’t appear outside of the building like other characters have done in the past, you need to tap the Pyramid to get the list of items needed.


    4. Wait i want to say i in my inventory this day i see Diane Simions and Francis Grifinn why because on a time of heloween i no unlocked Diane Simions and Francis Grifinn and no More heroes i unloked in this event and i never use this mystery box


    5. Although I managed to unlock all characters and costumes so far, I’m happy to see they’ve brought some things back so others who either didn’t get them at the time, or started playing at a later stage have the chance to unlock these past items.

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