Best of 2014 Character: How Do I Unlock King Butt?

TWO NEW TASKS HAVE BEEN ADDED! The new tasks are bold!

How many players are HAPPY that King Butt has come back? If you visit the official Facebook much, you might be thinking the same as me – “TinyCo do listen to player’s wants and needs!” – and King Butt is FREEMIUM! Find out how to unlock King Butt below:

To get a second chance at unlocking King Butt, purchase his building from the shop. Once built, you will have 7 days to collect the following items:

40 x Ankh (these are uncommon)

  • Make Lois Freshen Up (6 hours)

  • Make Chris Enjoy Private Time (6 hours)

  • Make Adventure Peter Grow Rugged Beard (8 hours)

  • Make 80s Popstar Cleveland Prep For the Club (6 hours)

  • Make Francis Relive His Retirement Party (6 hours)

  • Make Diane Exercise at the Gym (6 hours)

  • Make Slutty Cat Meg Go to Halloween Dance (6 hours)

  • Make Dia de los Muertos Consuela Buy Pan Dulce (8 hours)

  • Make Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza (4 hours)

  • Make Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny (4 hours)
  • 5 x Sonic Screwdriver (these are epic):

  • Make Peter & Quagmire Have Nap Time (6 hours)

  • Make Dr. Hartman Prepare for an Exam (6 hours)

  • Make Patrick Stewart Be a Thespian (4 hours)

  • Make Iron Baby Stewie Test Armor Systems (4 hours)

  • Make Mutant Stewie Show Rupert New Tentacles (6 hours)

  • Make Ron Perlman Practice Fighting Large Monsters (4 hours)

  • Make Captain Hammered Peter Fly Under the Influence (4 hours)

  • Make Red Hot Lois Swim in Geek Trash (6 hours)

  • Make Bryan Cranstonย Throw a Pizza (4 hours)

  • Make Blobulous Chris Train in Gorging (8 hours)

  • Make Alien Chase Tail (6 hours)
  • 11 x Ghosts (these are extra rare):

  • Make Bonnie Twerk it (4 hours)

  • Make Jerome Grow His Fro (4 hours)

  • Make Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza (4 hours)
  • If you unlock him within the 7-day period, he is yours to keep forever. If you do not unlock him and the timer expires, he will disappear.ย 

    What do you think about the two tasks for Stewie for the EPIC item but have different times? Will the 4 hour task have a greater chance of a drop? What about needing 2 costumes for Peter and a joint task with normally dressed Peter and Quagmire?


    44 thoughts on “Best of 2014 Character: How Do I Unlock King Butt?”

    1. I have not got the chance to read ALL above, but as a relatively new player I did no have King Butt or George Takei. Now I have to try and fill required items for two characters within the tome time limit which is unfair to say the least. I understand veteran players may not agree, but I have been playing catchup.


    2. They have been making a bunch of changes in the last few hours. Nathan’s task to earn Ankhs came and left, Chris can no longer earn Ankhs, and Consuela’s task has been changed from an 8 hr indoor task to a 4 hr outdoor task. So I wasted time with all 3 of these characters now. I messaged TC with all this info and my frustration that they can’t seem to stick with a collection list. It’s great when they add tasks obviously, but when they change/remove them, obviously that’s gonna cause problems


    3. The following are not in my list for sonic screwdrivers.
      Make Ron Perlman Practice Fighting Large Monsters (4 hours)
      Make Captain Hammered Peter Fly Under the Influence (4 hours)
      Make Blobulous Chris Train in Gorging (8 hours)

      I do nor own Ron Perelman or hammerhead peter, but I also don’t own Brian Cranston, red hot Lois, Patrick Stewart or any stewie including normal and their tasks show up. I do have bulbous chris


      1. This is the reply from TinyCo: We’re looking into this! We’ve pushed a fix for most of the characters and they should have tasks now to drop items for King Butt. We’re still investigating Dia de los Muertos Consuela and hope to have her dropping items asap!ย 


    4. Ok, so I’m having a bit of a problem… I bought ALL(minus Diane I had from Halloween…) of the items in the Volume 1 Mystery Box. I even popped on Consuela JUST so I could get her costume for King Butt’s Event and my own personal collection I have all of their costumes available and done from Al Harrington’s and just to be SURE, I have the “new” characters all at at least Level 3.

      I am missing tasks for Dia Consuela, Blobulous Chris, and Francis tasks for King Butt’s items. They just aren’t in King Butt’s task lists and it does not show their quests for the items on the characters task list either.

      I already force closed my game and re-loaded it, but this did not help. My girlfriend(who started a month after me) is experiencing the same issue. She bought Diane outright and her task is fully there and avbl for her though.

      I did send a support email out to TinyCo, but thought I might ask here to cover my bases. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Are we 100% certain these tasks “should” be avbl to me and her? Anybody else experiencing this?


      1. This is the reply from TinyCo: We’re looking into this! We’ve pushed a fix for most of the characters and they should have tasks now to drop items for King Butt. We’re still investigating Dia de los Muertos Consuela and hope to have her dropping items asap!ย 


        1. Thus does it get weirder…

          Dia Consuela now has a 4 hour dirty dance task for ankhs for me, Alien’s task is showing up even though I have not got him at all, No task for blobulous or Francis, and meg and Lois task are nor showing on the list, but I CAN send them on the correct tasks.

          19, 2, 9 for numbers though, so it’s meh okay. ๐Ÿ™‚


    5. You’d wonder why they give Stewie a task for his items when he also has to round up 20 chumba wumbas. I think TinyCo might be losing its mind.


    6. I’ve read that there’s no timer appearing on the pyramid when placed, so does the timer start when you place the pyramid or does the whole thing disappear on Feb 3rd no matter when you placed it ?


      1. I am still awaiting an email from TinyCo but it is 5:30am there at the moment and don’t think they employ robots to answer when they aren’t awake lol! Will let you know as soon I receive a response ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. I sent everyone on their earning tasks over night even though I haven’t placed the pyramid. That way as soon as I place the pyramid I can collect from everyone I just want to know if i should place it now or I can wait


    7. I’m so happy! King Butt is the only character I don’t have! I wanted the 80s Cleveland back too seeming he’s the only costume I’ve not got too, but I’m happy with King Butt at least!

      Started work straight away!


      1. You won’t see King Butt near the Pyramid unlike all the other characters use to. Just tap on the Pyramid and you’ll see all the needed objects to get him ๐Ÿ˜‰


    8. I missed him the first time for a couple of butts and I was happy I could get it this time… ‘Till I saw the stuff needed! I am I supposed to get all that stuff in less than a week?!


    9. I got King butt the old fashioned way back during first event. We busted our humps to get him, since he’s been completely worthless. He might have had a task that earned him extra currency durning another event if I remember correctly, but other than that… So it’d be nice if they gave him something meaningful to do from time to time.


    10. I haven’t been playing for long enough to gather this many characters, and because I don’t want to pay for clams for most of the characters on this list, it leaves me with 2 actions for each item. This is really a huge disadvantage and makes me wonder if it can even be done. Also, I wonder about the other characters this week (I do want George for sure)..


    11. Damn, I’ll have to start in the morning on this. I set everyone up a couple hours ago for overnight tasks except for the ones who were earning items for District 10 who are on those tasks. Fortunately I have all the Comic-Con stuff and costumes as well as all the Halloween stuff except for the Consuela costume (I thought the box would stay until the end of the event but it disappeared early).

      I was playing when King Butt appeared but was no where close to getting enough butts to unlock him. I’m glad for this second try.


    12. Considering Bryan Cranston has a guarantee drop of one off these 3 items every 4 hours, if I had him(which I now do for an extreme ouchy on my clam total….) I would do something along the lines of this:

      Get every character you can busy on the 40 Uncommon Ankhs.. ONLY if you have characters available afterwards, send them on the Epic tasks. IE Peter and Lois have the combined task for epics and the 2 separate tasks for the uncommon. All the while while Jerome and Bonnie are doing their thing for Ghosts.

      Once you get all 40 ankhs, Bryan will guarantee drop the necessary ghosts or screwdrivers every 4 hours if you still need them.,

      This makes King Butt VERY doable in a 7 day timeframe. ๐Ÿ™‚


    13. I don’t like that half the items each require Peter,
      He can only be one place at a time.
      Normal TinyCo wanting the same person doing 10 diffrant tasks at a time.

      I am excited KingButt is Freeium though, and hope I’ll be able to earn him this time around.


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