Troubleshooting: District 10

We have seen a lot of the same questions in the comments, so we thought we would answer these here… The answers to when the Chumba Wumba in the Brewery will unlock, when Chumba Wumba’s appear in your town and what time the Phineas and Barnaby event will end, and whether Phineas and Barnaby will disappear today if you haven’t finished unlocking them – are all below:


If I haven’t finished unlocked Phineas and Barnaby but I still have a timer set above them, will they disappear today?

No, Phineas and Barnaby will not leave and ‘pfft’ out of your Quahog, as long as you have placed their buildings and begun unlocking them! If you placed them and started unlocking right now, you will still get 5 days to unlock them!

When will Phineas and Barnaby leave our Quahog’s?!

Phineas and Barnaby, this event will be ending on 27th January 2015 as planned, and in TinyCo fashions: around 3pm PST. Any players that have not placed their buildings, please do before this time otherwise you will lose your chance to unlock them!

Why can’t I unlock and craft the Chumba Wumba in the Pawtucket Brewery?

The Chumba Wumba will unlock in the Brewery when you start “Who’s Ever Heard of a Hopsberry Pt. 6” quest.

Why are Chumba Wumba’s not running around in my Quahog?!

The Chumba Wumba squatters should appear when you start working to unlock Pawtucket Pat.

I hope this has helped answer some of your queries!


12 thoughts on “Troubleshooting: District 10”

  1. Did I miss the Hopsberry walkthrough. I’m almost finished part 1 and I know I need to get to part 6 to unlock the chumbawumba but don’t know the parts in between.

    Been stockpiling brewery items and with valentine event to arrive soon, I want to plan my characters actions.


  2. Does anyone thing unlocking Pat is a little ridiculous. That flute is like impossible to get and we need 15? We need Stewie 6 hr task to round up 20 Chumbas… That’s a little excessive considering we also need Stewie for 12 hr task for the bubbles and his steroid quests. Not cool.


    1. I don’t actually have a problem with him taking a long time to unlock since he is a permanent addition to the game. Since there is no time limit for him I can just work on him at my leisure and can always put him on the back burner for a while when something pops up. As it is I suspect I’ll be working on getting all the decorations from the brewery for months to come and I’m glad for it as it gives me a long term goal to work towards.

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    1. Hard to say. We will likely see something for Valentines but whether or not it is a full or mini event is in the air.

      I do strongly suspect that Easter will get a full sized event though.


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