What really grinds YOUR gears?

Welcome to our – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ post – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!


Lots of events and content updates have been bombarding us all lately, so there must be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point!

We are nearing the end of the Phineas & Barnaby event, has there been anything in particular that has almost made you tap that uninstall button?!


We would really like to hear what was grinding your gears – is it the quests that can’t be completed unless you spend Clams? Is it the amount of items needed for Pawtucket Pat? Or is it how long it will take to clear 20 Chumba Wumba’s (280 hours)? Is it the entire Phineas & Barnaby? What about the drop rates for tap handles? Or Performance Enhancers? Whatever it is, we would love to hear what has been grinding your gears in the last week!


31 thoughts on “What really grinds YOUR gears?”

  1. Three Gear Grinders:

    ~Useless joggers – At least have them drop coins or something if they are going to stick around.

    ~Unused characters – Between Phineas, Barnaby, Pawtucket Pat and the Brewery Crafting Items there are 10 droppable items and yet the vast majority of my characters are in an unending 24 hour task loop. I can understand having three characters dropping an item that everyone has to keep things even but why not reward those of us who have been through all these other events by making a couple of them drop extras of the items. Example, keep the current three tasks for bottle caps and add one for Cleveland, “Read Grape Soda Today” (from one of the episodes) and have THAT drop the bottle cap too.

    ~Beer bottles, beer bottles, beer bottles!!! – These are the most needed crafting item in the brewery and, unlike the 1 hour bottle cap tasks, we have to wait FOREVER to finish these tasks only to have them drop more like a Rare than an Uncommon. At this rate I don’t know when I’ll get Pawtucket Pat unlocked. It took me 3-4 days just to get enough of them for the Perpetual Motion Fountain.

    That is all.


  2. What grinds me is having joggers still wandering around my town when they serve no purpose (no item drops needed, no coins given). I had hoped they would disappear when the mini event ended.


  3. Not sure where to ask this question but does anyone know what the clapper board icons are next to the character task icons?

    I thought they might be to do with the Videos not working on Android?


  4. I thought that both of the events kinda complimented each other.. they tended to use different characters for the quests-gatherings.. It kept most of my guys occupied..


  5. I have contacted the in-game help & support 4 times & haven’t gotten a response regarding this app taking up 1.2 GB on my iPad. Any suggestions?


      1. I received a reply from tinyco very shortly after contacting them. They are working on better managing their game space. Apparently it’s because there’s a lot of art work, which memory also stores when you visit your friends. Good thing I only have 6 friends.


  6. For me it has to be the fact that I have all these characters and they are not involved with anything. Especially the ones I bought with clams! At least Jesus gives us an option to get clams! Use all characters in a way to get the stuff we need or at least 50% of them. Also that drag and drop characters somebody mentioned on top of my comment has a point. Need a lock button or something to not interfer whilst we collect our coins!

    Rant over!

    P.s – still my fave game to play on the iPad


  7. Lately what grinds my gears is………..ALL OF IT!!!! Auugggggggghhhh!!

    If I hadn’t already spent real life moola on those stupid clams and having played since its inception, I would have given up on this game long ago.


  8. Doesn’t it take 160 hours to clear the 20 chumba wumbas as 8×20=160? Either way it does seen like a lot.
    The only thing I hated about the phineas and barnaby event was steroid stewie being premium. I don’t like this new trend of premium costumes. Premium characters is acceptable because they have existed since the beginning of this game but costumes were always freemium before 2015. Seems like tiny co had a New Years resolution of new obvious ways of ripping us off even more and they’re sticking to it haha.
    But the district 10 content is extremely frustrating. I didn’t even brew everything from the first week before they released new content and now I’ve caught up with that but I’m behind on the new content. Too many rare and extra rare crafting items are needed for too many items and it’s hard to get ten when the characters are also needed for limited time mini events. PLUS BUILDINGS ARE STILL TOOOOOOOOOOO BIG!!!


    1. Not really.
      The six hours and 8 hours progress together so if you clear for 6 hours you’ve already waited for 6 out of the 8 hours so you only have to wait another 2 more. Hence we actually wait 8 hours.


  9. I don’t mind drop rates on NON-event items. It’s what FG:TQFS is all about; sending a character on a mission and getting a result. Pawtucket Brewery is a NON-event, meaning, you can keep working on it without a deadline. Remember how everyone was annoyed with timed events? Well now you have a regular ‘ole District to work on. Enjoy the game for what it is, even if it includes clearing 20 Chumba Wumbas.

    But man do I HATE the drag and drop character function. While clearing buildings and moving the screen around, all I end up doing is accidentally dragging a character. It is unnecessary and unwanted. That is a feature that ABSOLUTELY Grinds My Gears!!!


  10. Lets face it everything else is just side issues. The crashing is still in full effect. Without first getting that fixed the game is at best anoying at the worst it is impossible to play.

    I’m a premium player and will not be buying another clam until the crashes stop. maybe if we all stop paying Tinyco will give it their full attention.

    When the game crashes all gears grind to a halt.


      1. And I made it! Last two actions and both Lois and Bonnie dropped the items. I was contemplating whether or not to spend clams on a character I really don’t care and that probably won’t get that much use in future events… but I got it freemium, luckily. Hope you got it too.


      2. YES! I was also lucky enough to get Lois and Bonnie to drop the steroids right at the end, went 2 for 2 and got the character clam-free. Thanks Victor L., glad you got yours for free too.


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