My stats for Phineas! (Day 2)

My fat joggers are behaving a little better now, so here are my stats for Phineas for Day 2:


My Triangular Weights:


My Steaks:


My Performancer Enhancers:


I have collected:

– 60/60 Triangular Weights (I have all the weights I need to unlock Phineas now!)

– 10/10 Steaks (The Joggers dropped better so I have all 10 steaks now!)

– 2/5 Performance Enhancers (I still need 3! It would cost 40 Clams!)

Total: 3 items and 40 Clams!

It would cost:


If I wanted to unlock right now it would cost an extra 10 Clams than if I bought the 2 Performance Enhancers!

How are you getting on? Are your Joggers giving up their Fried Eggs and Steaks? I know a lot of you have had better drops and already have Phineas! Hopefully the last two Performance Enhancers drop today!


2 thoughts on “My stats for Phineas! (Day 2)”

  1. Unlocked him yesterday! Surprised. The Steaks were much easier to get than the Performance Enhancers! But I was pleasantly surprised how quick he was to unlock!


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