My stats for Barnaby! (Day 2)

My fat joggers are dropping much better now! Here are my stats for Barnaby for Day 2:


My Triangular Weights:


My Eggs:


My Performancer Enhancers:


I have collected:

– 66/80 Triangular Weights (I need another 14! To buy all 14, it would cost 42 Clams)

– 9/10 Eggs (I need 1 more Egg, it would cost 40 Clams)

– 0/8 Performance Enhancers (I need all 8 still… I used the 5 I had for Phineas! It would cost 160 Clams!)

Total: 23 items and 242 Clams!

It would cost:


If I wanted to unlock right now it would cost an extra 26 Clams than if I bought the items individually!

How are you getting on? Are your Joggers giving up their Fried Eggs and Steaks better than mine?


17 thoughts on “My stats for Barnaby! (Day 2)”

  1. I have Phineas and I need 4 more steroids for Barnaby. I think it sucks that the joggers don’t even drop coins after you’re done with needing them, they just disappear after tapping them.


  2. I unlocked both Phineas and Barnaby yesterday around 6pm, I got really lucky on my drops, and got most of my steaks and eggs from the joggers.


  3. A boutof insomnia and binge watching a whole season Supernatural allowed me to get down to just 3 triangular weights left. The next round of joggers comes in 2 hours so I should be done completely by then. See all you need to do to get through this game quickly is never sleep again.


    1. I love binge watching tv series’! Glad your insomnia has helped your progression with Phineas and Barnaby 🙂 have you unlocked both now? I have unlocked Phineas, and I only need 7 Performance Enhancers for Barnaby! Lois and Bonnie will finish their tasks in an hour and a half so hopefully they will drop some!


  4. 75/80 Weights
    1/8 Performance Enhancers.

    Got 2 days 19 hours… so I’m not worried whatsoever. Weights will be done anytime now so its just the Enhancers.


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