State of Pure Inebriation – Walkthrough

This is the only quest line that has appeared so far!

Part 1 (Peter Starts)

Build the Pawtucket Mansion ($25,000, 20h)

Have Peter Ring the Factory Bell (8h, $65, XP45)

$850, XP525

Part 2 (Peter starts)

Have Brian Preach about the Proletariat (2h, $65, XP45)

$850, XP525

Part 3 (Peter starts)

Have Stewie Roundup 20 Chumba Wumba (6h, $100, XP12)

Craft a Beer Bottle Tree at The Brewery

Craft a Forklift at The Brewery

*to be continued… after I cleared 1 x Chumba Wumba, I received this message:*



10 thoughts on “State of Pure Inebriation – Walkthrough”

  1. Hey!!! Does anyone have any info on the Hopsberry questline? I am an hour away of finishing part 4 of it…

    The Stewie clearing Chumba Wumbas, I never had him stop while I was trying to get stuff for King Butt!!!


  2. Pt. 5 – Have ribbon cutting, Craft Pawtucket Ale 40

    Pt. 6 – Jerome host happy hour, Quagmire drink at the Clam, Joe grab a beer

    This triggered a new quest line “Who’s ever heard of a Hopsberry?”

    Pt. 1 – Have Lois buy groceries, craft pyramid of beer at the brewery


  3. So, 20 Chumba Wumbas at 6 hours a piece = 120hours. One character (CW Stewie) to round them up makes for 5 solid days of work (no breaks). There needs to be another character that performs this task to make completing it in a reasonable time possible.


    1. Don’t forget about the 8 hour spawn rate too! It takes 8 hours for 1 Chumba Wumba to appear, so that would be 160 hours, plus the clear time of 6 hours each that you have worked out = 280 hours = 11 days and 16 hours to clear all 20!


  4. Honestly, I love ur site a lot and I love how u guys get the info out so fast. There hasn’t been a time where I get an update in my game with new content and the info isn’t on here already. Anyways, I love going on here and get the tips on fg but there’s just soooo much stuff u guys have going on and I have to scroll here and there just to look for what I need. I wish u guys would somehow make it more simpler to go on and not have to see so much stuff going on. I don’t want to spend longer than I have to just for some tips. I’m struggling just to have some time to play my fg game already. I appreciate all the help cuz without u guys I probably waste a lot of time and money on this game so thank u. It’s just my 2 cent and I believe I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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    1. Hi Joe, Thank you for all your lovely comments and feedback 🙂 what device do you use to visit us? Just wondering as we do have a search function if you wanted to find something quickly, and I updated our District page last week with all of the links to District 10 posts, and will be updating it again later with the week 2 links 🙂 the update didn’t hit us until 2:15am so I haven’t had the chance to update the page yet 😦 sorry! If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know and we will see what we can do 🙂

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      1. Wow, I feel like an @$$. I totally didn’t even know that that was a search for ur site only. I just thought it was a regular search bar for the net. Also, I don’t have any problem with how fast u got the info out for us. I wasn’t complaining about that, I was complementing on a great job u guys are doing with it. I just wanted to be clear on that. Again, sorry.


      2. That’s OK, at least you know now 🙂 you also tap on the categories above the heading of a post, e.g. “Phineas & Barnaby”, and all the posts that are in the same category will appear 🙂 oh, I know Joe 🙂 I knew you weren’t complaining, I was just explaining why the District page hadn’t been updated yet 🙂 thank you for your feedback and compliments!


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