From Our Friends: Family Guy Tips News (Guest Post)

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Hey all, bringing you all a change of pace for this post as we have kind of lost our way with our guest posts/cross-blog activity. For those of you new to Topix, we have always strived to positively coexist and even work with many, or most, other game sites and blogs, as it is not our intention to compete or disrespect any of the hard work that many other normal players, such as us, put into their sites to all accomplish one goal, help others. We offer guest posts to any site or even regular reader to add another dimension to our site.

Having said all of that, longwinded, I know, I bring you a guest post today from our friends at Family Guy Tips. Yes, it’s not a Tapped Out site or article but the games are so similar, popular and fan driven that it’s very hard to keep…

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One thought on “From Our Friends: Family Guy Tips News (Guest Post)”

  1. I went to the link and was amazed at the outrage from Simpson game players seeing a post about Family Guy on that Blog. I assume you were invited to write on that blog, and I am all for cross blog communications and coexistence. I find it amazing how territorial some people are and how the anonymity of blog posts empower some to write such scathing remarks. I for one play both games and appreciate the work that all the various blogs do to inform us players on how best to play the games and showing us ahead of time what to expect while playing, providing tips on how best to strategize timed quests, and generally how to keep the games fun and exciting. I for one appreciate the work you and the other blog sites do for both games and would welcome cross platform comments here or elsewhere.


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