Rypod Post: Film-ily Guy

Hey hey, all you gorgeous gamers, this is the start of a new segment that I like to call “Film-ily Guy” (no, I couldn’t think of a better title lol)

The premise is this: each week we’ll give you a random Family Guy character and you guys get to give suggestions for which celebrity would play that character in a real life Family Guy film (if one were ever made)

So for example: if we said Jillian, you might come up with such celebs as Kaley Cuoco, Paris Hilton or even Beth Behrs, it doesn’t even have to be an actor/actress, it can be any celebrity you like, Taylor Swift could even be your choice. The one that me, Zooey and Holly choose to be the best will be saved and we’ll create our fantasy film…not literally of course lol, we mods are good but we don’t have that kind of pull…yet 😉

So to kick off…let’s start with Lois, who would you choose to play Lois in a real life film?

I’ll put a suggestion here to start, Alyson Hannigan (of the American Pie series and How I Met Your Mother as well as Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Do you know any others? Be creative as you like 🙂


12 thoughts on “Rypod Post: Film-ily Guy”

    1. I’ll have to look up Jayma…that sounded wrong lol…as i don’t know who she is, but its awesome you’re all coming up with people i hadn’t even thought of 🙂 thanks 🙂 i’ll collect all of the choices together on sunday and we’ll have a decision by the thursday for you all 🙂



    1. This is great guys, this is becoming more popular than i expected it to be 🙂 we’ll make our decision on sunday evening and post the one we choose on thursday again when we choose a new character to discuss about who to play them 🙂



  1. For Lois’ voice and body, Fran Drescher, although she has dark hair. But hair coloring for a movie role has been done before…


    1. Its true she does have the nasally voice, who was the actress who played Janice in Friends? Is that the same woman? She has the same nasally voice



  2. I think milla jovovich could be worth considering to play Lois.she was a smokin redhead in the fifth element and is in the right age group.


    1. Good call, Nigel, so far we have Mila Jovovich and Alyson Hannigan as possibilities, anybody else got anyone else in mind? 🙂



  3. Rypod, I think that Alyson Hannigan has the body and the looks, even the dry wit, but the voice just doesn’t click… This one is a thinker though..


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