Phineas & Barnaby Extra FAQS

Here a few extra FAQS regarding the Phineas and Barnaby event:

When will Phineas and Barnaby be leaving Quahog?
You will have until Tuesday, January 27th to start the 5-day timer to unlock Phineas and Barnaby. You do not need to have them completely unlocked by the 27th.

I got Human Rupert but I didn’t get the Facespace collection reward.
If you’ve purchased Human Rupert to complete the “Characters You Buy” collection, please force-close your game in order for the game to refresh.

Please note that you won’t be able to see a clam icon adding to your clam total, but if you check FaceSpace the collection will be marked as complete and your clam total will have increased by 100 clams.

How do I participate in the Phineas & Barnaby event?
In order to participate, you’ll need to have Bruce unlocked (who is a part of District 2).


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