My stats for Phineas! (Day 1)

My fat joggers are useless and are practically only dropping weights for me! Hopefully they will start dropping rarer eggs and steaks! Here are my stats for Phineas for Day 1:


My Triangular Weights:


My Steaks:


My Performancer Enhancers:


I have collected:

– 39/60 Triangular Weights (to unlock Phineas, I need 21 more but Barnaby needs 80! To buy all 21, it would cost 84 Clams)

– 4/10 Steaks (I need 6 more Steaks, it would cost 240 Clams)

– 0/5 Performance Enhancers (I need all 5 still… Thanks useless Fat Joggers! It would cost 100 Clams!)

Total: 32 items and 424 Clams!

It would cost:


If I wanted to unlock right now – savings of 142 Clams compared to the price of each individual item!

How are you getting on? Are your Joggers giving up their Fried Eggs and Steaks better than mine?


8 thoughts on “My stats for Phineas! (Day 1)”

  1. So far I have;

    53/60 Triangular Weights
    10/10 Steaks
    2/5 Performance Enhancers

    i got very luck on steaks, female joggers dropped well, ruppert and the building dropped one too.


  2. So far I have;

    60/60 Triangular Weights
    4/10 Steaks
    3/5 Performance Enhancers

    It would cost me 122 Clams to unlock him now. I only spent clams on Steroid Stewie as I’m a complesionist.


      1. It helped that the event started earlier than usual. They normally hit at 11 p.m. UK time, so you don’t really get started that night- if at all! This one started at 9, so I got a good run at it.


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