My stats for Barnaby! (Day 1)

My fat joggers are useless and are practically only dropping weights for me! Hopefully they will start dropping rarer eggs and steaks! Here are my stats for Barnaby for Day 1:


My Triangular Weights:


My Eggs:


My Performancer Enhancers:


I have collected:

– 39/80 Triangular Weights (to unlock Barnaby, I need 41 more but Phineas needs 60 too! To buy all 41, it would cost 164 Clams)

– 1/10 Eggs (I need 9 more Steaks, it would cost 360 Clams)

– 0/8 Performance Enhancers (I need all 8 still… Thanks useless Fat Joggers! It would cost 160 Clams!)

Total: 58 items and 684 Clams!

It would cost:


If I wanted to unlock right now – savings of 211 Clams compared to the price of each individual item!

How are you getting on? Are your Joggers giving up their Fried Eggs and Steaks better than mine?


17 thoughts on “My stats for Barnaby! (Day 1)”

  1. I have unlocked Phineas and as far as I could tell not once did any of the Joggers drop any Steaks or Eggs throughout that process. In the last round of about 8 joggers after unlocking Phineas I have had Joggers drop 3 plates of eggs for Barnaby. Maybe I’m just getting lucky I don’t know.

    My Barnaby stats as of now:
    Triangular Weights – 41 of 80
    Eggs – Done!
    Performance Enhancers – 5 of 8

    I did get Steroid Stewie and the Diner but I did not spring the 35 clams for Boxing Gym so I have just the minimum joggers in town. I have been setting 4 hour alarms so I’m getting them as soon as they show up.

    I’m also not doing any of the story lines that would take away Lois, Bonnie, Stewie or Rupert. So for instance I’m still on “Never gonna keep me down part 3.” Brian has downed his bear but Chumba Wumba Stewie wont be dancing until Steroid Stewie has finished supplying his enhancers to Phineas & Barnaby.


  2. It look like I’m not going to get these due to uncommon items. I have almost all the rare ones but steroids are just not dropping at all. I think I have 2/3 in total across both characters.


  3. I’m doing pretty good on the drops actually. For Barnaby, I have 1 Performance Enhancer, 4 Eggs, and 14 Weights but all I need for Phineas are 3 steaks!


  4. Well I need 69 more weights, 5 more steaks, 2 more eggs, and 12 more steroids. With only Bonnie and Lois to earn the steroids this is the only concern I have about finishing.


  5. What is the actual spawn rate of those fat joggers? I unlocked the building to get more of them but nowhere does it say when to come back for more joggers or how many more I am even getting lol…

    Other than that I already got 2 eggs and 4 meat along with 4 enhancer, luck is on my side so far!


    1. What is the spawn rate for the Joggers?

      Male and Female Joggers will spawn every 3-4 hours for a maximum of 10 each in your Quahog at a time (for a max total of 20). 

      The building spawns 5 every 8 hours.


  6. Nope not getting anything other than weights myself but I am at 58 weights. Once again Im setting 4 hour alarms but this time, unlike for the Yeti, there is no way Im doing it all night.
    My sig other would probably leave me if I did. 😛


      1. My joggers have started sometimes not dropping anything. Anyone else have this?
        I still need about 50 weight plus eggs and steaks


  7. I don’t think the joggers will drop anything but the triangular weights until that part is completely done.. I haven’t had one drop of anything else but the triangular weights from the joggers.. I have Phineas unlocked, now just trying to get Ferb-Barnaby…lol
    I did man up and buy roid Stewie.. that is helping with the drop…


  8. So far I have;

    9/80 Triangular Weights (used the first 60 on Phineas so I have 69 total)
    2/10 Eggs
    0/8 Performance Enhancers (I have 3 but count them on Phineas only)


  9. I’ve unlocked the other strongman, I don’t know if anyone knows this but when I unlocked him (not using clams) all the weights and performance enhances got taken off Barnaby They only counted towards the 1 I unlocked. Now I need to collect 80 weights and 5 performance enhances.


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