District 10 Week 2 FAQS

Find out answers to your burning questions regarding week 2 of District 10:

How do I place the Pawtucket Mansion?

To place the Pawtucket Mansion, you will need to start the quest “State of Pure Inebriation, Pt 1.” This quest will appear after you complete the quest “Home Brew Pt 7.”


How do I unlock Pawtucket Pat? 

To unlock Pawtucket Pat, build the Pawtucket Mansion and collect the following items:

– 25 Beer Can Hats (uncommon) from Chris, Quagmire, and Peter
– 15 Chumba Wumba Flutes (extra rare) from Chumba Wumbas, Bonnie, Bruce and Jerome 
– 1 Marching Band Tubist  
– 1 Infinite Pee Machine from the Pawtucket Brewery 
– 1 Forklift from the Pawtucket Brewery 


How do I round up Chumba Wumbas?

Tapping on a Chumba Wumba will not clear them. You will need to have Chumba Wumba Stewie complete the 6-hour action “Round up a Chumba Wumba.” 

New craftable items:

Once you start the quest “State of Pure Inebriation Pt 1” these additional items will be craftable in the Brewery:

– Giant Beer Bottle
– Chumba Wumba
– Trumpet Player
– Tuba Player
– Drummer
– Forklift
– Beer Fountain 


10 thoughts on “District 10 Week 2 FAQS”

  1. How Dow you unlock the Chumba Wumba in the items section of Pawtucket Brewery. I have collected 1 of each of the items and the Chumba is still locked.


    1. Lucky you! I wish I hadn’t forgotten at 4am this morning to set mine to build after I finished writing the update, as I went in my game earlier and Pawtucket Pat and his Mansion have disappeared as it isn’t meant to appear until you start the questline “State of Pure Inebriation”


  2. If we crafted the infinite pee machine before week two does that still count? Or do we need to brew another one?

    Took forever to get those tap handles.


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