Phineas & Barnaby: Buildings and Decorations

Find out how much the new buildings and decorations that we have received for the Phineas & Barnaby update, as well as the earnings and size for each item:




The Sweaty Clam
Costs: $4,000
Build: 30 seconds
Earns: $30, XP20 every 4 hours
Size: 7×5
Phineas is in this building

Old Timey Bike Shoppe
Costs: $4,500
Build: 4 hours
Earns: $30, XP20 every 4 hours
Size: 6×5
Barnaby is in this building


Art of Chesthair
Costs: $20,000
Build: 20 hours
Earns: $40, XP25 every 6 hours
Size: 5×5


Penny Arcade
Costs: $2,500
Build: 16 hours
Earns: $60, XP40 every 12 hours
Size: 6×5



Quahog Boxing Gym
Costs: 35 Clams
Earns: $45, XP30 every 8 hours
Size: 6×5
These building gives you 5 extra of each Jogger every 8 hours


Costs: 25 Clams
Earns: $60, XP45 every 12 hours
Size: 7×5

Quahog Diner
Costs: 75 Clams
Earns: $45, XP30 every 8 hours
Drops: Eggs ALWAYS to help unlock Barnaby
Size: 7×3


Jamie Mack’s House of Steaks
Costs: 50 Clams
Earns: $45, XP30 every 8 hours
Drops: Steak ALWAYS to help unlock Phineas
Size: 11×6



Costs: $2,500
Size: 3×2

What do you think about the mix of freemium and premium? Think the premium prices are reasonable? What do you think of the sizes of the new items?


3 thoughts on “Phineas & Barnaby: Buildings and Decorations”

  1. What’should the deal with the size of Shoe-pa-cobra?! It’s not big enough to be a novelty-shaped building, but it’s way too big to be an actual shoe shine chair for the characters… It seems out of place.


  2. I don’t mind the prices on the premium buildings.. That is actually not a lot of clams as compared to some of the other building clam prices from the past…


  3. I still don’t understand why they insist on making buildings thy are 5 squares big!! Roads are 4×4 so surely it would make more sense to make buildings 4 squares long, but no! And then they complain about server load causing crashing when smaller buildings would solve the problem.


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