Feel the Burn – Walkthrough (Phineas Walkthrough)

Phineas’ Walkthrough. Last walkthrough from the mini event! Yay!

Part 1 (Quagmire starts)

Unlock Phineas

Part 2 (Quagmire starts)

Have Quagmire Do Wiener Curls (2h, $30, 20xp)

$90, XP20

Part 3 (Phineas starts)

Have Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop (4h1s, $50, 30xp)

Have Lois and Peter Resolve Marital Issues (8h, $200, 125xp, joint task – need Peter and Lois)

$80, XP20

Part 4 (Phineas starts)

Have Mort Sprain an Ankle (4h, $50, 30xp)

Have Jerome Be a Superior Athlete (8h, $80, 50xp)

Have Phineas Train People in Calisthenics (4h, $50, 30xp)

$95, XP20

Part 5 (Phineas starts)

Build the Penny Arcade (16h)

Have Bruce Cardio Frolic (12h, $100, 65xp)

$175, XP30


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