Feed The Beast – Walkthrough (Barnaby)

Another walkthrough from the mini event! Again a reminder that it ends Tuesday 27th January.


Part 1 (Peter starts)

Unlock Barnaby

$150, XP25

Part 2 (Barnaby starts)

Have Quagmire “Eat Tacos” (4h, $50, 30xp)

$75, XP20

Part 3 (Barnaby starts)

Have Brian Eat from the Garbage (6h, $65, 45xp)

Have Mort Complain About the Kosher Options (4h, $50, 30xp)

$90, XP20

Part 4 (Barnaby starts)

Build the Art of Chesthair (20 hours)

Have Barnaby Alley Oop! (2h, $30, 20xp)

$90, XP20

Part 5 (Barnaby starts)

Have Bonnie Buy Groceries (12h, $100, 65xp)

Have Meg Scarf Hot Dogs (8h, $80, 50xp)

$200, XP35


4 thoughts on “Feed The Beast – Walkthrough (Barnaby)”

  1. Will I still be able to but the “Art of Chesthair” building after today? It costs $20,000 which is still a lot for me, I just got to level 20 just now. I might be able to do it in time. Could someone let me know if it is something I will be able to purchase later? Thanks!


  2. I can’t remember.. If we have the characters unlocked, and part way thru this quest, will it disappear after the 27th if we are not done with it? All of the characters that I need for this, are tied up one gathering for Pawtucket pat…


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