What are those movie slate/clapper board?

Are you wondering what these new film clapper boards/movie slate are:


These show you wish tasks are animated… So you know which tasks are outdoor tasks, and not in buildings!

What do you think of this addition?


19 thoughts on “What are those movie slate/clapper board?”

  1. I like it… Since I have eliminated all roads except for a 2×2 square, I don’t want to clutter up my road square with useless character animation. Trying to get one of the kissing couples to register is hard enough without having to dodge 50 characters…

    Now, I put everyone who isn’t dropping something inside a building. Then, I don’t have to work around them when the couples appear.

    This game is so bad compared to TSTO. Entirely too many things going on at one time, making playing for free a chore. I would love to know how much money people have spent on clams. Without them, you simply cannot earn everything needed to get all outfits, characters or prizes.

    For me, it isn’t a big deal, since I don’t care if I have everything. But I know some people who simply must have everything, and the only way to do that is to buy a LOT of clams, and set your alarm to go off every two hours.

    How is THAT fun?


  2. I find them to be useless, it would be much better to have a small icon showing which actions are related quests. So if I’m working on the home brew quest, I can quickly tell which actions I need to pick out first.


  3. Pretty good as I have eliminated my entire road system all except 4 blocks so all my characters appear there . good for catching joggers snowmen etc;)


  4. Suppose it would be good for new players but tbh I have so many buildings now I don’t see much. What would be nice would be something to spend all the dollars on that have been mounting up. Cheers.


  5. I like it. I won’t use it to often because like has been said before I choose tasks primarily for item drops and then for time, but this is useful when I’m trying to set up screenshots to get characters doing interesting things outside.


  6. Makes no difference to anything. I choose tasks based on length regardless of where they happen.
    Pointless addition really. There are more important issues in the game that need to be sorted out and other useful additions they could have made instead so this is a pointless addition really.


    1. I agree…I’ve hit Rex like 8 time n still says no clip to watch….if they can’t get it right the second time then just forget about it


  7. In a word, useless. Just do like TSTO and have a list come up when you tap the town hall. Oh and I was hoping the snow would be gone with this update but sadly no.


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