UPDATE: download 1.6.0 from your app stores!

“The 1.6 update is now live for iOS and Android. We’re working on releasing the update for Amazon players soon. This update will end all holiday/Christmas content (back to the regular loading screen), and will prep for upcoming content. This update will also feature lots of bug fixes and memory improvements! 

For example, unlocking characters should no longer cause the game to crash. Also, you’ll be able to scroll through materials in the Pawtucket Brewery on 1.6 too”

Kelly from TinyCo has just announced that the newer version of FG:TQFS has been released:


My game is currently updating now:


Don’t forget to update your game!


15 thoughts on “UPDATE: download 1.6.0 from your app stores!”

  1. Does Anyone know if the 2nd week of the Brewery district will start this evening.. ???? Trying to figure out whether or not to put my “useless” characters for this event on a long haul task or keep them around till 6pm CST,,,,,


  2. A little poem

    We all have 1.6.0
    And this is what we now know
    The crashes are back
    And Patches we lack
    In return all we get is the
    Clap…… ers.

    Ok seriously the game is still crashing. Maybe not as much but it is still making things less fun.

    Had the crashes been resolved I may have been happier with the clappers but alas they just feel like a boobie prise. Not to mention the fact that they are less than perfect themselves.

    Just one of a few errors. Tinyco take the time to fully fix the foundation, then give us window dressings.

    Sigh. I’m thinking it is about time to say goodbye to Quahog.


  3. Was hoping this update would finally fix the crashing….but no….still the game closes down without a reason after some minutes/seconds. I’m playing on a Sony Xperia Z so the Phone should be ‘fast’ enough. Can’t believe they STILL didn’t fix this 😦 THUMBS DOWN


    1. I think a search option would be great! We have suggested this to TinyCo already, it is hard to search for items, then go past it accidentally to get to the end, and have to search it all over again!


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