Competition: Trivia Tuesday

Fancy some Clams just by using your Family Guy knowledge to answer the trivia below:


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Last weeks winners will be announced in a few hours.

The Insticator trivia post will be published in the next few hours too!

3 random winners who comment with all the correct answers will win 50 Clams (funds paid via PayPal)

Good morrow Questers,

It’s your favourite trivia guy here, Ryan, with a new batch of Family Guy questions to confuse and perplex you, the rules are the same as always so have fun 🙂

1) What song did Peter want to play when he went skydiving?

2) What is the name of Brian’s psychologist?

3) Tricia Takanawa did a report on TV about sex, who did she pick up in order to have sex with?

4) In the episode Stewie Loves Lois, how many times did Stewie say “mom, mommy, ma, mama, moo-ma” or any other variation of those before Lois shouts at him “WHAT?”

5) In that same episode, who does Stewie say Brian loves?

6) Name the two authors that Brian has ran over.

7) What is the name of Mr Herbert’s grand niece?

8) When Mr Herbert steals all of the Nielsen boxes, what show does he suggest changing?

9) When Rupert is recalled for being a dangerous toy for babies, what stuffed animal does the company send in his place?

10) In Valentines Day In Quahog, at least 12 of Brian’s ex girlfriends are featured…name 10 of them…

Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Competition: Trivia Tuesday”

  1. 1. Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty
    2. Dr. Bruce Kaplan
    3. Quagmire
    4. 22 Times
    5. Lois
    6. Stephen King & Dean Koontz
    7. Sandy
    8. Suite Life Of Zac & Cody
    9. An Elephant
    10. 1) Brooke
    2) Tina
    3) Cheryl Tiegs
    4) Denise
    5) Carolyn
    6) Rita
    7) Tracy
    8) Seabreeze
    9) Lauren Conrad
    10) Ida


    1. 1.Free Falling
      2.Dr. Bruce Kaplan
      4.22 times
      5.olympia dukakis
      6.Stephen king and Dean Koontz
      8.The Suite Life of Zac and Cody. He asked to make the show with the boys shirtless XD
      10.1.Lauren Conrad
      9.Cheryl Tiegs
      10.Sea Breeze


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