We’ve teamed up with Ohio Gamers!

We wanted to provide real time visual walkthroughs, so teaming up with Ohio Gamers seemed like the best possible solution to be able to show you the walkthroughs, as well as write them out for you too! Every time Ohio Gamers has a new walkthrough video, we will post it here!


Without further ado, OHIO GAMERS:


Wade and Swish here from Ohio Gamers.

We are excited to have the opportunity to team up with Familyguytips and provide you readers with some real time video content! This should complement the written articles well!

Wade and I have been playing Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff since week 1 and remain active daily. So if you have a request for a video or simply want to look at previous content, check out our channel! We’ve got videos on districts 1-10 and walkthroughs from current and past events.

Other than Family Guy we like to play a lot of Simpsons Tapped Out (add me :)) and console games.

If there’s any questions, comments, or feedback please reach out! Again we’d love to take requests too!!!


Wade and Swish

Ohio Gamers 


If you have any video requests, or you just want to say whether you think this idea will benefit you, let us know below!


Join in and discuss FG:TQFS with fellow Quahoggers!

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