Survey & Poll: Can you earn Clams from Patches?

UPDATE: a reader pointed out that maybe only the players who have purchased the pets and have Patches roaming in their towns are able to watch videos so if you can watch videos, please could you let us know whether you have Patches too:

As we have been receiving quite a few comments saying that players are experiencing problems, we thought we would hold a survey to see whether there is a correlation:


14 thoughts on “Survey & Poll: Can you earn Clams from Patches?”

  1. I didn’t have any videos before buying the animals and patches and I didn’t have any videos after buying all the animals and Patches.
    Now the video version of Patches doesn’t show in my town at all.


  2. I bought the three animals and then was given patches. But, a second pops into my town and that is the one I must click. But when I do I am always told no videos to watch at this time.


  3. I play on ios, and just logged into my game and it finally let me watch 2 videos, the first was a clip from the show where Patches returns to Peter with a dead body, the second was a clip from the episode where Stewie has brought Sheldon the turtle home and where we find out he’s evil, I got 1 clam for each video, so 2 in total.


  4. Having the videos be available may be tied to having earned Patches. Maybe he only offers videos to those that also have him in their game. I didn’t purchase any of the animals and haven’t been offered any videos when he pops up. I wonder if those that have watched videos also own Patches. Might be worth expanding the survey to reflect that possible correlation.


  5. Carl gave me a lot of clams, patches on the other hand, zilch. He says there are no videos available. I’ve seen him every time I go into the app though.


  6. I’ve had him pop up in my town twice so far, and both times he has said that there are no videos available. In addition to the questions that I answered for the survey (I’m on iOS), I have so far bought the flaming chicken but not Sheldon or Jessie and so therefore do not have Patches the decoration.


  7. Good call on the survey saves you a lot of question and answer comments. I’m on Android (Galaxy S3), only got a handful of clams from Carl when he was around. Saw patches around 8:30p EST and just tells me there’s no videos available now. Attached a screenshot in my survey response.


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