Guest Post: Tip on finding characters!

One of our dedicated readers, GenFireDragon, has just sent us a very helpful tip that he hopes helps other players that have lost their characters and can’t find them ANYWHERE!

Hello players, here is an awesome new tip for you. Have you ever had the need to find a character and you just didn’t know where they are? Well of course you have, and that’s why TinyCo in their wisdom gave us that portrait finder in the upper left hand corner of our screens. If the character you want to find is someone like Peter or Seamus though, then you would have to scroll through a ton of characters just to find the one you want, and if the character you want to find is already working, and you’re looking to find out how much time they have left you’re out of luck. Right? Wrong dear players because there is another way to find the specific character you want no matter what they are doing.

This magical new method uses the FaceSpace that most of us check as our characters level up, but then forget about as they stop providing new updates. So for step one, enter your FaceSpace using the button in the lower left hand corner next to the quest notebook.


Once you’re into your FaceSpace then find the character you want and tap on them to get to their specific FaceSpace page. In this example, I’ll use Peter.


Once there, all you have to do is hit the little x in the upper right, or if you selected the wrong character by accident the arrow in the upper left to go back to the main FaceSpace page.


Once you exit don’t touch the screen until it finishes moving and your character will be at the centre of the screen. If your character is in a building they will be in the building that your screen is centred on.


Hopefully this helps with finding the characters you’re looking for and makes planning your time with Family Guy: TQFS much easier.




10 thoughts on “Guest Post: Tip on finding characters!”

  1. There is another way too that I use often. Characters with costumes can be clicked in AL Harrington’s to go directly to them. Just click use costume and it takes you to them. 🙂


  2. Yeah, I have been using that one for a while… Only problem is it will sometimes bring you to a group of buildings, and you have to click on all of the buildings to figure out which one the character is in..
    Great post GenFireDragon….


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