Free Clams: Carl is back as a dinosaur!

You might not know yet, but if you check your game… You could be earning some free Clams!


When I went into my game, I was automatically put in front of The Griffin House, which had a huge Patches the T-Rex outside:


When I clicked on Patches, a screen similar to the screen that would appear when Carl was giving away Clams during the American Dad event:


I haven’t been able to watch any videos or earn any free Clams! Have you had better luck? Are the video clips good? Are you glad this feature has returned for a few days?


31 thoughts on “Free Clams: Carl is back as a dinosaur!”

  1. I got the dinosaur to show up a few times upon logging in, but I’d get the ‘no videos’ message then dino would disappear. I’m not really surprised; it barely worked with Carl, and they probably copy-pasted this into the game and just changed the image. I maybe got 2 clams with Carl out of the numerous attempts.
    I mean, that’s all they seem to do is copy-paste code from one event to another. If you look in the Pawtucket Brewery, and scroll to the right a ways to see the locked drummer, etc., the requirements below them show “Fear Portal”. Seriously? Can’t even delete that reference from October??


  2. I got it this morning around 1am. Opened my game and the dinosaur was there on my only patch of road. I have NOT purchased the dinosaur…I only have 1 flaming chicken. Out of curiosity I clicked on him. It said something about Carl and asked if I wanted to watch a video for free clams. I said yes and a video came up of Herbert indoors with Jesse dragging himself towards him. My audio was off so I didn’t hear it. When my game came back I clicked again immediately (figured it was a glitch and wanted to take advantage of it) and the same video came back. Was able to watch the same video on repeat 4 times (gaining 4 clams) and then the dinosaur disappeared. Haven’t seen it since.


  3. ***SPOILER ALERT***
    It’s just a 6 second clip if patches the dinosaur’s appearance in th show where he just chews some random guy ten spits him out. The same video repeats every time so the only thing you’re missing out on is clams, not any entertainment.


  4. I have a bad feeling about this, we android users lost out 70+ clams last time with no alternate reward, eg giving us the lost out clams, please tinyco sort it out this time. It’s in your interest as you must be getting actual money for each of us doing this from those places.


  5. 4 videos so far on kindle (1st didn’t load I clicked on the circular arrow in the lower right went back to game, 2nd was an ad for tax preparation, 3rd and 4th were random other games –all 4 dropped clams (I think, the first one might not have but I didn’t see an ad so I didn’t care)and were each 10-15seconds long…not really funny but short enough that it was fine (through ad colony so I’m guessing if you have ad blockers turned on things might not appear)


    1. In case this matters, playing in the US, never saw Carl during American Dad as the Kindle updates were (and still are) super slow to arrive, using the app version ending in 5.5, no ad blockers turned on.


      1. Playing on a Galaxy Notebook here. I’ve come across this 3 times so far. Tapped on the Dino but no clams register on my screen. I’ve even closed out the game and re-opened it just to see if the claim tally refreshed but it still showed no new claim.


  6. So far I have seen him twice. Once last night and once this morning. Both times I got that same message that there were no videos available. I’m hoping they’re just gearing up towards getting us some videos to watch.

    The original version of this with Carl seemed like a fun idea that never really went anywhere. Hopefully this will get a little more Interactive and offer up a few more opportunities for clams than last time.


      1. Yes android, click the dinosaur and a box comes up with something about no videos and free clams click ok and it goes away.


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