Windows 8 Step-by-Step Tutorial

I have created a step by step tutorial which I have just finished (it was pushed aside during Christmas).

I hope this helps the new Windows players – as well as raising awareness that it is available to Window users too!

You can find the game on the Windows Store here

This is what the Windows store looks like on my Laptop, if you look on the image – it shows you where to search for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff:


When you have typed “Family Guy The Quest for Stuff” into your search bar, these search results will appear. On the image, I have indicated which app you need to click on:


After you have clicked on the FGTQFS app, you will need to click ‘INSTALL’:


You can check the game is installing by checking your screen (I have pointed this out below):


When the game has finished installing, you can start playing! The screenshot below shows you where to look to make sure the game has finished installing:


If you are new to using the store and downloading games/apps on Windows 8, the screenshot below shows you the notification that appears which lets you know that you have a new app ready to use:


When you have clicked the notification shown above, your apps will appear! Any new apps you have installed will appear with ‘NEW’ next to them:


Once you clicked the game in the screenshot above, the game will load and if it is the first time loading it onto your Windows device, the tutorial will begin:


As you can see below, you will see two blue buttons in the left hand side of your screen. This is the Main Menu button (box with squares) and the other button is the Move/Design. If you are an existing player on a different device, you will NOT be able to sign in to your previous game as there isn’t an option yet, so you cannot add friends and visit neighbours either:


When you click the Main Menu button (box with squares), this screen will appear. The only options are Settings and Inventory. If you are an existing player you will notice that you cannot contact support in-game, but you can email instead. Also, you cannot access any account information:



I hope this tutorial has helped any new Window players!


15 thoughts on “Windows 8 Step-by-Step Tutorial”

  1. Casey Richards over at Facebook said, in a reply, “They already stated they’ve pretty much abandoned the Windows version and have no future plans for it, but I guess there’s always a chance they could change their minds someday.” I had to correct the spelling and grammar due to the keys she forgot to type.


  2. Does anybody know if you can play the full game on windows? I’ve heard something about story critical missions missing. Specifically Stewie and a blimp (that’s all I got, sorry) which makes it impossible to unlock District 9.

    Also I have a mission for Chris that requires Kool-Aid Man but as he’s not available in-game I can’t progress further for Chris.


  3. Hi all. Sorry I’ve been absent, but dealing with passing of 2nd parent and a large house! I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now on Windows 8. My laptop is touch screen too, which is nice for the game. I’ve contacted Tinyco about the sign in issue, and while it’s not imminent, they are looking into the feasibility as it really adds to the enjoyment. I’m enjoying learning about placement. My full version is a total jumble. One of these days I’ll get to it!


  4. So, very disappointed… It seems like an older version of the game… It doesn’t have the portrait in the top left corner when you have people who aren’t do any actions. Also not being able to link to the version that I have been playing on my mobile device kinda sucks.


  5. Thanks for the great info. I had no idea that you can play on a PC. I would love to be able to do this on my laptop but only when we can login to our existing game please let us know when that’s available.
    🙂 MegaKudos! 🙂


  6. Cool this will come in handy for when I need to charge my phone. Of course it will sit collecting dust until I can connect to my game but still a useful future tool.


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