Pawtucket Brewery Tip!

Have you cleared the block and ready to start repairing the Pawtucket Brewery? Follow this tip to get a head start!


If you are due to start repairing the Pawtucket Brewery, you could set all of your characters on Brewery Prize earning tasks. For your convenience, we have added all the items and tasks below!

Follow the character tasks below, and find each character in-game to set them on the task!

Do NOT tap on any of your completed characters until you have tapped on the finished tick above the Pawtucket Brewery!

Here are the items and the tasks you could be setting your wandering characters on:

Beer Bottle

(these are uncommon)


(required for the Beer Bottle Trees, Fermentation Tank, Infinite Pee Machine, and Stacks of Beer = 28 Beer Bottles needed in total to have 1 of each item)

You can earn Beer Bottles by:

– Make Herbert Be a Peeping Tom (6 hours)
– Make Meg Practice Bird Calls (6 hours)
– Make S and M Lois Practice Whips on Joe’s Legs (6 hours)

Beer Bubbles

(these are rare)


(required for Creepy River Boat, Bottle Caps Bush, Infinite Pee Machine and Stacks of Beer = 15 Beer Bubbles needed in total to have 1 of each item)

You can earn Beer Bubbles by:

– Make Bruce Get Fit for a Suit *requires Vinny* (12 hours)
– Make Connie Steal Meg’s Diary (12 hours)
– Make Stewie Suspend Time (12 hours)

Silver Ticket

(these are rare)


(required for Creepy River Boat, Bottle Caps Bush and Beer Bottle Bush = 13 Silver Tickets needed in total to have 1 of each item)

You can earn Silver Tickets by:

– Make Carter Smoke Money Cigars (2 hours)
– Make Mort Retreat Cowardly (2 hours)
– Make Tom Tucker Buy Mustache Cream  (2 hours)

Tap Handle

(these are extra rare)


(required for Creepy River Boat, Fermentation Tanks and Infinite Pee Machine = 9 Tap Handles are needed in total to have 1 of each item)

You can earn Tap Handles by:

– Make Dr. Hartman Extract Gerbil (4 hours)
– Make Mayor West Regurgitate Raft (4 hours)
– Make Tricia Report On-Scene (4 hours)

Bottle Cap

(these are uncommon)


(required for Fermentation Tank, Bottle Caps Bush and Pyramid of Beer = 30 Bottle Caps are needed in total to have 1 of each item)

You can earn Bottle Caps by:

– Make Mermaid Peter Hose Off (1 hour)
– Make Bathrobe Quagmire Eat Sexy Cereal (1 hour)
– Make Seamus Practice Cartwheels (1 hour)


14 thoughts on “Pawtucket Brewery Tip!”

  1. I’ve finished unlocking the brewery and I have crafted 1 of every item. I’ve also finished all the tasks. Just trying to collect as many items as I can ready for when the locked items become available


  2. I’ve always said the game needs a “cancel” action just as it does a “complete” action to end tasks early. It cost like half or a third the clams to cancel as it does to complete or something like that.


  3. im 2 hours away from officially opening the brewery but I can’t put any of these characters on tasks to earn items. I thought you are saying you can begin doing this before opening the brewery so a little confused, thanks


    1. You can set the characters on the tasks that are listed, they will not say that they earn items but once the brewery is repaired, the characters will earn those items so completed the tasks once it has been repaired gives you a head start 🙂


  4. For anyone that wants a head start.. this helps tremendously.. I hate when I get a character that doesn’t really do anything game wise, and set him on a 24 hour task, and then 10 minutes later, I discover he needs to be doing a different task for something in the game….


  5. This is what I always do, whenever unlocking characters or earning materials to craft items, I’ll come to this site and make a note of what characters and their actions are needed, then will work out when to set there actions. So as the last block needed 20hrs to clear, and the brewery needed 4hrs, I set the 12hr tasks when the land needed 8hrs to clear, when land clearing needed 2hrs I set the 6hrs tasks, etc.


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