My stats for Chumba Wumba Stewie! (Days 1,2,3)

It’s that time again… We have a new costume to unlock! I have been keeping screenshots to show my progression since we were given the chance to unlock Chumba Wumba Stewie, it would be good to compare my stats with our community so we can see how we are all doing!


Day 1: Wednesday (24 hours since we received the update on Tuesday)


As you can see, my stats were:

– 6/15 Spray Tan (need 9 more)
– 3/10 Toolbox (need 7 more)
– 2/10 Dulcet Tones (need 8 more)
– 2/5 Lederhosen (need 3 more)

Clam cost: 280 (120 Clams cheaper after collecting 13 items)

Day 2: Thursday


As you can see, my stats were:

– 15/15 Spray Tan (collect 9 today, no more needed)
– 7/10 Toolbox (collected 4 today, need 3 more)
– 5/10 Dulcet Tones (collected 3 today, need 5 more)
– 3/5 Lederhosen (collected 1 today, need 2 more)

Clam cost: 135 (265 Clams cheaper than the overall price after collecting 30 items in total, 145 Clams cheaper than Day 1 after collecting 17 items today)

Day 3: Friday


As you can see, my stats were:

– 15/15 Spray Tan (no more needed)
– 9/10 Toolbox (collected 2 today, need 1 more)
– 7/10 Dulcet Tones (collected 2 today, need 3 more)
– 5/5 Lederhosen (collected 2 today, need more needed)

Clam cost: 55 (345 Clams cheaper than the overall price after collecting 36 items in total, 225 Clams cheaper than Day 1, 80 Clams cheaper that Day 2 after collecting 6 items today)

I need 4 more items to unlock Chumba Wumba Stewie! My game has been dropping very well for me this time!

How are you doing? Have you beaten me and already unlocked Chumba Wumba Stewie?


15 thoughts on “My stats for Chumba Wumba Stewie! (Days 1,2,3)”

  1. I needed a couple more dulcet tones. I sped up Lois for one clam because I needed to go somewhere. The try again option was only 2 clams so, in total I spent 7 clams to finish it up.


  2. Still waiting on 4 Dulcet tones, was hoping overnight (in UK) but nothing again. Not sure why these have been the hardest and yet given to the players who did not get Sexy Stewie, making these easy for them, this is a bit strange in my minds eye, but there again I have a strange mind 😨 At the Brewery challange create Chumba Wumba Stewie, Oh well keep trying


  3. 13/15 spray tan, 4/10 toolbox, 9/10 tones, 5/5 lederhosen. It seems I’m not so lucky with the toolbox. I’ve played less frequently this week as well though.


  4. I have unlocked the costume. Actually this time I didn’t have to collect any dulcet tones, because there seems to have been a glitch with the sexy-party Stewie event a long time ago, which still enabled the characters to collect the tones even though sexy-party Stewie was no longer available. I kept setting them on those tasks so by the time the glitch was solved I had already collected 15 of them. It’s a good thing they counted for chumba-wumba Stewie:)


  5. For me everything except for the dulcet tones has been dropping great. The tones though have only dropped 3 times leaving me with 7 to go and at the rate they’ve been dropping I’ve got another week to go.


  6. I only need 3 more dulcet tones… Hopefully I can get him by today so I can free up lois and seamus to start working on tasks for Pawtucket! I love that so many characters are involved!


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