Limited Time Animals, the Walkthroughs

Each of the new Deco animals available this weekend comes with a quest line of its own!


I like Turtles

I like Turtles – Get sheldon, 40 clams

Part. 2
Have Brian upload a video – 1h


Mans Best Paraplegic Friend

Part. 1
Get Jesse – 150 clams

Part. 2
Have Chris Upload a Video – 1h


The Bird is on Fire

Part. 1
Get Flaming Chicken – 10 clams

Part. 2
Have Peter upload a video – 1h


When you have all three you will complete the quest Prehistoric Prize which will earn you Patches the T-Rex for free!

After completing the quests and getting patches, you will notice you can buy another Patches in your store for 200 clams!


8 thoughts on “Limited Time Animals, the Walkthroughs”

  1. Why make them all claim costs. To have to spend 200 clams on deco is should make it so they get a reduced price after doing a cerain mission e.t.c


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