I can’t find the Flower Bush!

We have had a lot of players asking “where’s the Flower Bush?” and “what does it look like?”, so we thought we would show you:


Where is the Flower Bush?
The flower bush will be provided at the beginning of the game (and you cannot sell it). It may have been put in your inventory – if the item is in your inventory, it cannot be used for quests. 

To access your inventory:



– tap on the ‘Menu’ icon (the icon in the bottom left corner filled with squares). Or tap the move button.


– From there, tap on the ‘Inventory’ icon to see the items in your inventory.


– It will be in the ‘Decos’ tab.

If you accidentally find any buildings or decorations missing from your game, be sure to always check your inventory. There’s a good chance they ended up there.

You need the Flower Bush to be able to complete Chris’ task:

Find a New Friend



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