Guest Post: Design Tips

    Hello everyone! My name is Laura, and I’m a Quahog designer. I’m here today to give you a few tips on how to design your Quahog to maximum use, and visual pleasure, haha.

I like to group things together, based on either events, district, (like the new district 10, the Brewery) or similarity(shopping and such). It gives a sort of uniformity to your surroundings. I start by placing one building, and then testing the road area around that building, and start to build on that. I never put tall buildings up in the left top corner of the town, because that limits their visibility, and also, you aren’t able to see the coin or checkmark above it when it’s ready to collect. I have a good amount of decos, so I always try to keep in mind the decos I’ll use for that section and leave some space for them.


   There are some buildings that fit in between a 1×1 space, and saves room if you group them together. I have a lil Ghostbusters set up, and in that space I get to tear down and rebuild, with different event items, replacing it every so often, so you can group your favorite event there when it’s over. 

   Since there is water in Quaghog, I like to utilize this space as much as I can, what with the limited water real estate.  That also gives you a little more road space to use, and lets you show off your fun water deco, like boats and water animals. 

    There is a fair amount of decos in this game, and I like to utilize them to accent the buildings, but save space by eliminating road space for for certain buildings, and cluster them together, like my mini Chinatown (above) with Hi-ya’s Dojo and rickshaw deco.

   Keep in mind that when you enter your game, you go to the Griffin house, so centering your town with the Griffin house makes it easier to access the rest of your town. Another thing to remember is  that the skins for the houses and buildings bring in more XP  than just the plain house or building, so I keep them on the houses no matter what, the Halloween skin fetches the most.


   This is one of my favorite Quahogs, I designed it for a member, and I have to say he was quite excited when I sent him this sneak peek to his future town. In this picture, I’m not done yet, I was in the process of placing decos like signs and flower beds. Some buildings can be spaced apart to make room for the extras. Even if your buildings are tightly packed, there’s always a gap or two to sneak in that special touch of your favorite statue or plant. That’s exactly what your decos can do for your town, is add that special touch and flair. A little deco goes a long way.


   I’m going to end with the fun part of your park, the Entertainment district 8- the one with Stewie. This is fun to build, as you can incorporate the brightly colored buildings and deco, including the Comic-Con or Kool-Aid items if you have any. Make it bright, make it fun, place things willy-nilly (yes, I said that… what?) and add your stationary characters like the clown statue, or even Meg’s boyfriend 3000 to make it look busy. It is an amusement park after all! Placing the Seven Flags and Bob’s Funland in the water as far as you can, helps open up a little bit for more of the bright decos, and add to your happy confusion. 


   No matter if your town is stuffed to the gills, or meticulously designed, always remember that the goal of this game is ‘The Quest For Stuff’ and to have fun, so get Stuff! Have fun! And share your Quahogs with your friends, 
You can gather design ideas that way too. 

                            xxx Laura J.  from Family Guy Share! help, redesign, tips & tricks on Facebook



12 thoughts on “Guest Post: Design Tips”

  1. Great post and with the latest expansion of land a lot of us are doing a bit of redesigning. Building Quahog is not just about shoehorning all the stuff in. Its about having a lot of fun designing your own personal Family Guy Word.

    I admit that I have a tendency to slip a few personal views and political jokes in just to amuse myself.

    Church and State separated by the much larger and more powerful media.《grins》
    But look what’s backing it all…. hummmm.

    For space savings I have been building my own districts like my carnival/circus/zoo area.

    There’s a lot going on in this area and I kind of think of it like the old Richard Scarry books for anyone who remembers them. In a lot of ways we have a great deal to thank him for.

    To satisfy the nerd in me I have created:

    a permanent Comicon

    and of course this area does not exist.

    I love this post 🙂
    Let’s see how everyone is setting up their Quahogs and making the most of the new year/new land.

    Happy Quahoging Everyone!


  2. This might be just me but i never remembered a chicken corp building in the game could someone tell me where it came from maybe a box and also why isn’t the big blimp thingy in any photos some people wnat to see it ruin towns


    1. What is the chicken corp building? I don’t really post the blimp, cuz it’s an electrically charged eyesore lol, I always want to do stuff with it! I’m hoping when we finally get to fix it, it opens up some water real estate so we can show case our ‘islands’ better


  3. One thing i definitely noticed about some peoples towns i have seen pictures of is that they use way too many roads. Ive seen people literally put a donut of roads around every building and then see them complain on facebook about no land for putting things. Its really quite funny to me.


  4. I wish there was a selective nuke button so I could really redesign some areas in my down. The full nuke isn’t something I wana do because that means starting from scratch. Good tips except for the one about the building skins. Yes you will earn more per click, but overall you do not earn more. For example, the standard Griffin House earns 3/2 (coin/xp) every 30 sec, where the Halloween skin earns 60/40 every 12 hrs. It would take a lot more clicks, but you can earn the Halloween coin drop in 20 clicks (minimum of 10 minutes)


  5. When I started playing I was very conscious of grouping my different buildings, but after the nuke button was added, I nuked my Quahog, and tried to re-decorate and then I don’t remember what event started so I started piling up building after building and now I have a very messy Quahog with almost no roads and I don’t think I have the energy to fix it anytime soon (too many events!).


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