Competition: Find Stewie! (UK and US Residents)

UPDATE: please put ‘UK’ or ‘US’ at the end of your submission so I know which randomiser to put you in MUST be 18 or over if in the US!

KidRobot has offered to giveaway a KidRobot Intimate Apparel Peter to one of our lucky readers in the US, and we are giving away one to a lucky UK reader!

Would you like another chance to win a KidRobot Intimate Apparel Peter? (You can choose whether you want a RED or BLACK one!) How are your searching skills?

We have hidden 10 Bitch Stewie’s amongst our January posts (links below)!


He will look just like he does above BUT instead of saying ‘FamilyGuyTips’, there will be a number and a word on his head!

It is up to you to find ALL 10 Bitch Stewie’s amongst our January Posts (links below), and write the word down that you find to form a sentence!

CLUE: Bitch Stewie will be at the BOTTOM of the post!

You need to submit your full sentence to this post in the comments below, these will not be approved until the competition closes.

You have until Tuesday 20th January 2015 at 23:59 GMT to submit your sentence!

This competition is open to the UK and US residents only!

Good luck everyone!

January Posts to search:

I can’t find the Flower Bush!
Jesse, Sheldon, Chicken and Patches animations!
Pawtucket Brewery Tip!
My stats for Chumba Wumba Stewie!
Limited Time Animals, the Walkthroughs
Mini Update Weekend FAQS
End of the New Year Event!
KidRobot goodies have arrived!
Thursday Writer’s Club
District 10 FAQS
Have you got lots of Dulcet Tones?
Week 2 of District 10
District 10: Week 1 Buildings and Decorations
How do I unlock Chumba Wumba Stewie
Pawtucket Craft Materials
Pawtucket Brewery Craft List
What can you make Chumba Wumba Stewie do?
District 10 walkthrough: Never Gonna Keep Me Down
District 10 walkthrough: Home Brew
District 10 has arrived!
Character Overview Bitch Brian
BIG Competition RESULTS
Competition Trivia Tuesday with Insticator
Valentine’s Day Speculation
Competition: Trivia Tuesday
Star Wars Speculation
Character Overview Jillian
Character Tasks and Building Requirements
What really grinds YOUR gears?
Sizes of the Buildings
Character Overview Alien
Character Overview Barbara Pewterschmidt
Together as one – Walkthrough
Free Clams Friday with a Twist!
Missing Tasks for Peter and Lois?
Can you not unlock Jillian?
Week 2 New Year Buildings and Decorations
What can you make New Year’s Jillian do?
What can you make New Year’s Brian do?
New Year Week 2 FAQS
How do I unlock New Year Jillian
Love Changes Everything Walkthrough
Tardy to the Party Walkthrough
New Year, New Lies Walkthrough
Reminder: Our BIG competition is ending tomorrow!
New Android Update – Compatibility FIX! 1.5.9
BIG Competition: Trivia Tuesday with a Twist!
TinyCo are looking for feedback!
January Competition!
Happy Birthday Hollypopsicle!
My Rite of Passage stats! (Day 2)
My Jillian Stats! (Day 2)
My Jillian Stats! (Day 1)
My Rite of Passage stats! (Day 1)
New item earning tasks
New Year FAQS
New Year Buildings
New Year Decorations
What I won from the New Year Mystery Box
Need more Noise Makers?
My Rite of Passage Stats! (Beginning)
What can you make Jillian do
Rite of Passage Tower
How do I unlock Jillian
Walkthrough: New Year’s Bunny
Walkthrough: Auld Lang Syne
Happy New Year event is here!
What really grinds YOUR gears? CHRISTMAS
Your Christmas Cookies are safe!


47 thoughts on “Competition: Find Stewie! (UK and US Residents)”

  1. The words become the resulting phrase “I want Peter in his sexy underwear right now please.”
    It’s amusing to think about the person whose job it was to come up this sentence. 😆



  2. 1. I
    2. Want
    3. Peter
    4. In
    5. His
    6. Sexy
    7. Underwear
    8. Right
    9. Now
    10. Please

    I never thought I would ever put those words together to form a sentence! This was great fun. What a great idea.

    I am US.

    Thank you!


  3. Sorry not sure if posted as had to log in while posting and it never told me that it posted. Just incase here’s entry again.
    I’m in the UK & also wanted to say that while it was a time consuming competition it was a cool one so Thank you. 😃

    I want Peter in his sexy underwear right now Please


  4. I want Peter in his sexy underwear right now please. *this might be the seccond time this comments not sure. Sorry If I answer twice,*


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