Mini Update Weekend Content FAQS

New content!!! We have been graced with a mini update – find out more below:


How do I get Patches the T-Rex?

Players should be in District 3 to see the new Animal Weekend content. 

To win Patches the T-Rex, you’ll need to purchase the following animals from the shop: 

  • Sheldon the Turtle
  • Jesse, Herbert’s dog
  • Flaming Chicken
  • You will only be able to win one for your game.  


    I bought an animal from the shop, but I don’t see it!

    Sheldon the Turtle, Jesse (Herbert’s dog) and the Flaming Chicken are all moving decorations. Once you purchase them from the shop, they’ll automatically be placed in your Quahog and start moving! Zoom out to find the animal and see it running around your town. 

    When will Patches the T-Rex be leaving Quahog?

    Patches the T-Rex, Sheldon the Turtle, Jesse (Herbert’s dog) and the Flaming Chicken will all be available in Quahog until Tuesday, January 20th at approximately 3pm PST.

    How many can I purchase of each animal?

    Each player will be limited to purchasing one Sheldon the Turtle and one Jesse (Herbert’s dog). As for the Flaming Chicken, you can purchase 10!


    13 thoughts on “Mini Update Weekend Content FAQS”

    1. I’ve bought every premium animal deco set up to this point, and largely been disappointed afterwards. The only ones I even remotely like are my Coked Up Giraffe, and my Balding Eagle. I may be drawing the line here… Glad there’s a few days to ponder it.


    2. guys I need help and wasn’t sure where to ask so please accept my apologies for using this thread! I have just collected all I need to unlock stewie but every time I tap the ‘open lock’ symbol, to get him, the game crashes! Any ideas? I’ve tried contacting tinyco but no response! I’m pulling my hair out!! Thanks!


        1. Yeah, tried that mate but made no difference. I’m using an iPhone 5 with plenty of free memory and I’ve tried closing all other apps too but made no difference!


    3. I caved, I’ve brought all the animals since the game began (apart from the Peterdactyl as didn’t have clams then), but this lot is definitely the best. I loved the episode Sheldon was in, and always hoped they would add Jessie, would have been better had he been a character, and the T-Rex is huge, wasn’t expecting him to be that big, so I’m more then happy with these 4 animals.


      1. Eh they do this from time to time.. Sometimes there are things only for those that are premium players. I’ve skipped over quite a few things. Like almost all the 4th of july stuff from last year. I am glad they do as much fremium as they do. It’s a lot more than other games I’ve played. Especially the ony about a certain family in springfield… Almost all their good stuff is premium.


    4. 200 clams total for all three animals. Not sure it is worth the price for a few decorations, even if they do move about. Then again, that is a T’Rex on offer.

      Hmm I shall have to think on this.


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