Week 2 of District 10

We will be receiving new content next week for District 10… keep reading to find out more!


This is the pop-up notification confirming more content next week:


Could we get to unlock Pawtucket Pat:


Will we get to craft all the locked items at Pawtucket Pat:


Trumpet Player




Tuba Player


Chumba Wumba

We will probably receive some new Buildings and Decorations too!

This is to confirm that this content is unable to lock until another update!


5 thoughts on “Week 2 of District 10”

  1. I just hope we don’t see a lot of massive buildings again. I appreciate getting new land but it doesn’t help if it instantly fills it up, even worse when there isn’t enough space to put roads to divide districts. I’ve had to use up almost half of this new space already to accommodate the new year’s week 2 buildings so I really don’t want to be bombarded next week please tinyco.


    1. Hmmm… Interesting! You could be right 🙂 maybe we have lots of content coming then! The questlines were quite short and seeing as Districts normally come with lots of quests, we could have a third week of content 🙂


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