Have you got LOTS of Dulcet Tones?

We have had messages regarding unlocking the Chumba Wumba Stewie costume, and how some players already have ALL the required Dulcet Tones!


*UPDATE* for a better chance of earning Dulcet Tones, go for the 6 hour task with Mid-Life Crisis Lois

*MATT from TinyCo*
We’re experimenting with giving players more options to get item drops. Some players prefer shorter tasks at times, while others would prefer a longer task (for instance, when they go to sleep) that gives a greater chance of dropping when they collect again. Having more actions on the same number of characters means players have additional ways to plan their drops.

If you have ALL of the Dulcet Tones for Chumba Wumba Stewie, it could be due to not having Sexy Stewie!

Were you unable to unlock Sexy Stewie on time when it was a limited costume?

If you can remember back THAT far, you might remember that you had to collect Dulcet Tones for Sexy Stewie.

Although you may have felt really unlucky and cheated that you were unable to unlock Sexy Stewie, you might be counting your lucky stars now as Chumba Wumba Stewie requires the same item, and if you collected a lot back when Sexy Stewie was around, they will now reappear and count towards collecting for Chumba Wumba Stewie!

Were you one of these unfortunate players that are NOW feeling fortunate?


15 thoughts on “Have you got LOTS of Dulcet Tones?”

  1. So because I played hard and got Sexy Stewie I am finding it very hard collecting dulcet ones, and yet if I had not I would have enough, that cannot be fair surely?


    1. It depends if you have work, or studies or sleep, if so, i’d do the 6hr task but if you have nothing doing then 4hr because you’re more likely to check it more often



  2. Well there’s hope then if they bring back Bitch Stewie. I missed him by 1 item. I was thinking he might be back as I took the replicator out of my inventory last week during a rebuild and now I can’t restore it in inventory. Tells me I cant store until I complete the character that comes out of it.


  3. Wow.. I was wondering.. I missed Sexy stewie by 5 minutes, and then got the last Dulcet tones.. Glad to know that they were not wasted…


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