District 10 has arrived!

District hit our games a few hours ago so we are working hard to provide you with lots of information! Here are the basics to keep you entertained while we go through it all:


Jerome will begin this update and will ask you to do this:


You can tap on the Pawtucket Brewery and open District 10 now:


There are 3 blocks in total, each take 20 hours and the first two cost $15000, but the last one costs $16000. You need to clear the two around the Pawtucket Brewery before you can clear the last one, each block costs 120 Clams to rush!:


The Pawtucket Brewery takes 4 hours to repair and costs $25000, takes 8 Clams to rush.

Chumba Wumba Stewie costume has become available:


But… Pawtucket Pat is still locked but appears under your Characters in the shop now. Maybe he becomes available next week along with the 4 locked Pawtucket Brewery Craft Items!


When you open District 10, a freemium decoration and a premium building become available:



More to come!


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