District 10 FAQS – Week 1

NEW FAQ ADDED regarding the Perma-Suds Laboratory

NEW FAQ ADDED regarding why we have two tasks for Dulcet Tones that require Lois INCLUDING Matt from TinyCo’s response

Find the answers to some of the questions you may have regarding District 10 (including two future prizes):


How do I unlock District 10?
To unlock District 10, you’ll need to complete all the quests of District 9 and start the quest “Home Brew Pt. 1.” Tap on Peter to begin this quest.

What is the Pawtucket Brewery?
The Pawtucket Brewery is a new building that appears in Quahog when you unlock District 10. After you repair the building, the Pawtucket Brewery will give you the opportunity to earn new prizes and decorations by collecting items, such as Bottle Caps, Empty Beer Bottles, Beer Bubbles, Silver Patriot Tickets and Tap-Handle

How do I earn items for the Pawtucket Brewery?
The Pawtucket Brewery needs the following items to craft new decorations and prizes.

    Bottle Caps (uncommon) from Peter, Quagmire and Seamus
    Empty Beer Bottles (uncommon) from Meg, Herbert and Lois
    Beer Bubbles (rare) from Vinny and Bruce, Stewie and Connie
    Silver Patriot Tickets (rare) from Tom Tucker, Carter and Mort
    Tap-Handle Cane (extra rare) from Mayor West, Tricia and Dr. Hartman

What can I create in the Pawtucket Brewery?
You can create the following items in the Pawtucket Brewery:

    Beer Packs
    Beer Pyramid
    Potted Beer Bush
    Giant Beer
    Beer Bottle Trees
    Beer Bottle Cap Bush
    Fermentation Tank
    Trumpet Player
    Drummer Player
    Tuba Player
    River Boat
    Infinite Beer Toilet

How do I unlock Chumba Wumba Stewie?
To unlock Chumba Wumba Stewie, you will need to start the quest, “Home Brew Pt. 3” and collect the following items:

    15 Cheap Spray Tans (common) from Bruce, Jerome and Tricia
    10 Childrens’ Toolboxes (uncommon) from Seamus, Meg and Connie
    10 Dulcet Tones (rare) from Brian, Lois, Seamus, Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Dr. Hartman
    5 Lederhosen (rare) from Chris, Peter and Bonnie

Or you can unlock him instantly for 400 clams.

How do I unlock Pawtucket Pat?
Pawtucket Pat is not available to unlock as a character at this time. Stay tuned for his release at a later time!

Why isn’t the “Go” button working for the items required in Pawtucket Brewery?
There is currently a known bug with the Pawtucket Brewery where the “Go” button for “Item Requires” is not taking you to the correct character action. This section is also not scrolling correctly so you cannot see all the characters that offer drops for that item. We will have a fix for both these issues when 1.6 is released. In the meantime, here’s a list of all the characters that have actions for the required items:

    Bottle Caps (uncommon) from Peter, Quagmire and Seamus
    Empty Beer Bubbles (uncommon) from Meg, Herbert and Lois
    Beer Bubbles (rare) from Vinny and Bruce, Stewie and Connie
    Silver Patriot Tickets (rare) from Tom Tucker, Carter and Mort
    Tap-Handle Cane (extra rare) from Mayor West, Tricia and Dr. Hartman

The Perma-Suds Laboratory is not dropping items!
You’ll need to unlock the Pawtucket Brewery before the items will begin dropping.

The Perma-Suds lab drops crafting materials for the Brewery (Bubbles, Silver Tickets or Tap Handles), so you’ll need to have the Brewery unlocked before you can begin collecting them.

Why does Lois have two actions for the Dulcet Tones?
Lois currently has two actions that can earn Dulcet Tones:

LoisTeach Piano
Midlife Crisis LoisShow Off Tramp Stamp

Both actions are working as intended! Please note the longer action has a higher chance of dropping the item you need. We hope this helps clear things up.

*MATT from TinyCo*
We’re experimenting with giving players more options to get item drops. Some players prefer shorter tasks at times, while others would prefer a longer task (for instance, when they go to sleep) that gives a greater chance of dropping when they collect again. Having more actions on the same number of characters means players have additional ways to plan their drops.

More FAQS may be added as TinyCo are just writing them now!


25 thoughts on “District 10 FAQS – Week 1”

  1. I have everything all rwady butnit will not let me craft the forklift or any of that it keeps kicking me out when i try. I have been playing for a while nownim level 51 and would loke to be ablento finsh the quest to unlok pawtucket pat


  2. Is it just me or do tap-handles NEVER drop? I know it’s extra rare but come on! I’ll have all 3 characters do the task 4 times a day and it’s been DAYS between each drop. On the flip side the silver ticket is Rare and I swear Carter drops one for me more then 50% of the time.


    1. Well, I have Mayor West’s Tap Handle earning task unlocked so I haven’t had any issues with Tap Handles, but I know Hollypopsicle and a lot of other players are experiencing the same drop rates! 😦


  3. How do you unlock the bottle of ale, trumpet player, etc? Is it important to do the Feed The Beast quests because some of the quests requires require characters you need for the Home Brew quests


  4. I have stuff I need to brew but it says I need the fear portal but I don’t see any portals or where to upgrade. Please help!

    Thank you,


    1. Why is my Brewery asking for a “Fear Portal”?
      There is currently a known bug in the Pawtucket Brewery that asks you to upgrade to the Fear Portal. We’re working to get this fixed and we apologize for the confusion! In the meantime, if an item is locked in your brewery, this means you’ll need to progress further in the game (via quests) to unlock it. No fear portal needed 🙂


      1. I have all the portals from Halloween and a fear portal isn’t one of them.
        There is
        Nightmare GREEN
        Grey Ghost PURPLE
        Poltergeist PINK
        Trick-or-treat error RED
        Stay Puff ORANGE
        There is no fear Portal


  5. Thankful that they changed up the task time options. I like to check in every 4 hrs, during the day and do 8-10hr tasks, overnight. Great posts and info, as always.


  6. I think it is a really good idea of the game’s writers to add some long tasks with a better drop rate. I hate setting my phone on a 2 hour task while I am sleeping, and then nothing drops.. Great job guys!!!


  7. In the past I have gotten plenty of notice is about task completed and such while I wasn’t playing the game but this is the first weird random statement I’ve ever seen. Anyone else see anything like this or have I just not noticed this is normal?

    Sorry for the bad link in the previous post.


      1. Thanks I’m not there yet unfortunately still stuck with Jillians last task they’re ridiculously long ones. I only just now even noticed we have a chambawamba Stewie. Sigh.. I’m slipping.


  8. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if TinyCo would resolve the lags and freezing issues BEFORE moving on with quest lines, new areas and characters???!! So frustrating when the game continues to freeze up during play.


    1. I have noticed in my game, that if I get rid of some of the useless decos, and just put them in my inventory.. My game plays more smoothly.. Especially animated deco’s.. they take up your memory and it is just something else your device has to spend a little time on while doing your tasks…


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